Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Overused Democracy

     I attended my Political governance class a while ago and we talked about the constitution. My prof discussed the forms of government all over the world. Such where monarchy, oligarchy, unitarian, democracy and others.

     As we go on the topic, ideas where unconsciously circulating on my mind. And here it goes.

     I envy those people who are part of a monarchical government like Great Britain, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. It was not because they were progressive or maybe they were living in a government wherein they could live their lives comfortably. It was because they very much respect their leaders.

     According to my prof, they almost treat their kings and queens like a saint. They actually post the pictures of their kings to the streets like in Thailand. They didn't even say any bad things to them (because if they will, they will be dead!).

    But here in the Philippines, we almost thought to kill the president the time we meet her in the street or in mall. We even tease her in her back like "pandak", "unano" and "bangaw" and whatever negative words that, for us, best describe her.

     Maybe, all these things were happening because we overused our democracy. The freedom given to us exceeds the limit from what it should be. We even criticize lawmakers for not doing something that will benefit those people. And we are fund of rallying somewhere else to show deviation to what they have done.

     Well, we are lucky to have this kind of government, to have democracy. But instead of being thankful to it, we yet use it to hardly brawl with the authority. And the time we didn't get what we want, we gone by easily. So what have we just did? We just make a noise, put a lot of trash in the streets, and the worst, discourage foreign investors to invest in the country.

     You know what's wrong with us? We are man of criticism. Every action has an opposite reaction. They always come hand-in-hand. We always try to find holes to put that thing down. Like the senators and congressmen. They are supposed to make, propose and implement laws. But what are they doing in the congress? They are just quarreling and fighting like kids do. Pathetic.

     We are the only key to the development we want. So my only wish to you is to watch your actions. Everything will be fine if we just do what is right. Remember democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That means, we are the answer. :))


glentot said...

Ah pandak unano at bangaw pala ah susumbong kita hahaha

anthony said...

hahaha. kaw ba hindi? lol =)))