Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Rizal Is My President

Last Saturday, I watched a play about the present situation of our society regarding the 2010 Elections. Actually, it is not about the presidentiables but rather focused on youth as a voters and the situation of our heroes in "heaven". Take note, "HEROES IN HEAVEN!"

At first, the play sounds boring. Para sa'kin walang dating yung title - Rizal is my president. But as the presentation plays, I've learned many things.

I asked myself, may mga tao nga kayang gustong maging presidente si Rizal? Hindi ko rin naisip before kung paano si Rizal ung preseidente natin? Maunlad kaya tayo??? But. I immediately answered, "I don't think so". Nasa tao kasi yan, wala sa leader. Kahit sino pa mang presidente and iluklok sa malakanyang, walang progress na mangyayari kung mismong mga tao walang pakialam at pagbabago. Compare mo naman kasi ung isang tao sa milyong kailangan niyang alagaan! Its a collaboration of all! HIndi lang ng isa, dalawa o tatlo. Dapat lahat!!! =))

The play shows how our heroes struggled of the economical, social and most especially political issues. Other heroes want Rizal to go down and be the president of our country. They argued about it. And a thought popped-up on my mind. Kung tayo nagkakagulo dahil sa mga nangyayari sa ating lipunan, hindi ba natin alam na mas naaalarma ang mga taong TOTOONG nagmamalasakit para sa bayan! huh?! Kaya nakakainis yung mga pulitikong nagsasabing sila ang susi para sa pag-unlad natin. ULOL kayo! hahaha

In sum, the play only tried to encourage the youth to vote wisely on the upcoming "crucial" elections. Every vote counts! Let us not waste the opportunity we have to contribute on the change we are all longing for. We have the key and the only thing to do is to find its door!!!

P.S: Hindi pa po ako botante... Concerned Citizen lang!!! haha

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Success = dream x reason x vehicle

During my Logic subject, as my prof checked the attendance, a guy came in the classroom with a comic held. He gave it to my prof then went out. My classmate asked him, "sir whats that???". "comic of his own" he answered.

He then injected the idea of success. He said that, that guy failed to comply on his subject. He advised him to pursue what his gifts are, where his talent is. And so the guy followed. Now. he is publishing his own comic and distributed it in the entire college.

He promptly write this formula: Success = dream x reason x vehicle. He said that the key to succeed in life must constitute these factors. The dream is the thing that made you do things. Our goals in life that we want to achieve.

Reason is the one that motivates us. He said that reason is always bigger than our dream. It made me think and when I realized it, I absolutely agreed. Why? As he talked about it, I realized that my dream to be a civil engineer had been rid off on my mind because of some personal reasons. See, because of that reason my dream had been set aside. I surely believed on this: that dream can always be pursued any time in our life if one perseveres but the reasons that motivate you can never be brought back if ruined and lost. Sometimes it ended up with depression and frustration.

While vehicle is, literally, your vehicle to travel towards your dream. It does not matter where you take this road but how you dealt with it.

We will not be satisfied if we didn't reached our success. But to achieve everything we want, the three factors--dream,reason, and vehicle--must always be on our hearts and do everything righteously!!!