Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hello Philippines, Hello World!

     As we open our televisions to watch the reality show craze Pinoy Big Brother, we often hear Toni Gonzaga spieling this line. But as the famous house in the Philippines temporarily closes its door, can we still utter 'Hello Philippines and Hello world!'?

     Hopefully yes, as the new administration governs the country. With the new president, vice-president, senators, congressmen, cabinet members and others, optimistically the Philippines will situate herself to something in line with the first world countries or even to something  that is far more than us before.

     A while ago was the inauguration of the newly-elected leaders of this country. I have this feeling na parang something will happen. Something good will happen out of it. I mean, that time will be the reference point of all of us to a new Philippines.

     It was like the movie 2012, that after the catastrophy and dreadful tragedies, despite of impossibilities, life still exist and men have survived. And welcome themselves to a world of commencement, a world where everybody will start from scratch.

     I am not condemning the previous administration for this 'scratch'. I know they have done something favorable to us. It's just that it wasn't enough to meet the standards of  how we want this country to become. And, with honesty, somehow blemishes the name we were known ahead of.

     While watching, honestly kinikilabutan ako. Parang nagtataasan yung mga balahibo ko sa katawan. I don't know if this is a sort of overacting, but then parang affected ako sa inauguration na yun. Parang tears were suspended in my eyes. Overwhelm, I guess and thankful na rin siguro.

     Hindi ko makakalimutang sinabi niya sa kanyang speech ang "sa lahat ng mga nagkasala sa akin kaya ko kayong patawarin at ngayon pa lang pinapatawad ko na kayo. Pero ang pagkakasala niyo sa taong bayan, wala akong karapatan limutin ang inyong mga kasalanan!" (paraphrased) Tama nga naman. And I salute him more when he said "There's no reconciliation without justice" I remember former President Cory had said it already. I just don't know where. But then, The legacy his parents had left is a legacy that should have been bear again.

     Hindi ko na iisa-isahin ang speech niya 'coz I have already absorbed it. What I can only say is he gave a heroic and patriotic talk. Speech na pangmasa. Kung kaya everytime he utter promises,  the audience (most of which belonged to class C, D, and E) were shouting, cheering, yelling and screaming. An act that made me feel I belong, all of us belonged.

     Hindi na ako magpofucos to the program proper 'coz I know the program have been very successful. I just want to  thank everybody for coming although I didn't attended that history (but I planned to go to, wala lang akong kasama e hehehe).

     I am hoping that the promises he has given and the pledges to us would assure everybody. And that he guarantees and we are guaranteed for these reforms and amendments. Sana ung cry ng mga tao while listening to his speech are worth. And like  what he's said, 'ang pamahalaan ang inyong tagapagtanggol!'

     With his new supervision (pertaining to PNoy), alam ko hindi niya tayo papabayaan. In hours from now, I could sense a water that will quench our thirst. He will give us power in return  to what we have given to him. Ika nga niya, 'kayo ang aking lakas'.

     Before, I really hate that line (title: label:) But gradually I accepted that he mean what he said. Well I should  have accepted it because he is now the president. But going deeper from that reason is something that will hook you up for a better understanding. Somewhat more reasonable for this consideration.

     Anyway, I am not expecting him to make the state as great and as huge as US or Japan. That is too much. But bringing back the name we was once known at was the immense assignment he could do in his period of governance. The Philippines that was known for being a fast growing economy during the early 60's. The Philippines that was esteemed by the neighboring nations. And the Philippines as a number one country in asia.

     And by that, each of us will be proud to say hello to everybody. Hindi na lang si Toni Gonzaga ang babati sa atin ng kanyang famous opening line at hindi lang natin ito maririnig sa PBB. Because everybody will be capable of saying hello to the world by greeting the new Philippines  first a warm-welcoming hello and hearing it in hearts of everyone. Let's  do it together folks. "Hello Philippines, Hello World!" :))

Galing ni Noel cabangon (?). Pati ako nadala sa kanta niya. And when he asked everybody in the grandstand to raise their right hands, I followed it to and sang his song. Ang galing pa nung message nung song. The best!!! =))

Monday, 28 June 2010

Im'ma Vee

     Before I graduated in high school, one of my teachers gave some pieces of advice to me to get along with the college life and a college life that is meaningful.

     One of which was to help others. Well the word help is a vast term. I do not know what specifically she's talking about. And I guess it's a  challenge for me to seek to what's that thing she told before.
     When I get into college I found CSA, Center for Social Action where students can be considered as volunteers. I joined the group. I undergone screening and more. I also have attended several general assemblies and even gave flyers for the victims of a certain typhoon. And thought that this is the 'help' my teacher talked about.

      But then I found time so unwieldy. I mean, from that time, I got a work which I prioritized. Gusto ko kasing makatulong sa parents ko. In that way, hindi na nila problema pag-aaral ko. I will support myself as what I've said when I get that job. So instead of alloting time to my volunteerism views, I focused on my job and on my studies, of course.

     I felt sorry that time. And even thought that I have opted money in exchange to the help somebody was yearning for. Sa pakiramdam ko parang mukha akong pera. Money isn't really valuable to choose in between. But then why did I decide on money? A question that I do not want to answer anymore.

     I was also ashamed to sir yoks and the others. Sometimes I don't want to walk through the corridor along their office. Or even 'deadma' mode whenever I saw one of them. And I felt guilty and envy whenever I receive emails from him saying congratulations and goodlucks to the volunteers. Even without mentioning my name, I want to read those emails as if it was sent to just me. At least I know that he is pointing it out not just to other volunteers but also to me. Kaya from that time, sinabi ko sa sarili kong magiging active na ako next term. And how I wish to be said congrats and goodluck and thank you! :))

     I really wanted to be a volunteer not just by name but by whole heart. Sumali ako dito  hindi dahil sa free shirt or sa pagkain or sa credit na makukuha ko dito. I know some  students are like that (sorry. tamaan peace! :P). But I am different from them. I could work on my part without anything in trade.

     Because of that spirit, I passed my application form, got interviewed and attended the first GA. This is it. This is really it. I don't want last year to happen again. And I have the will to not let it happen over again.

     My volunteerism experiences will nuture me more and will help me to grow. But to make it evident, I should have put myself out as a volunteer by making it as a career and as an obligation as a Filipino for Filipinos. A responsibility indeed that we should take into account. And that is what CSA will teach me. And that is how they'll lend their hands to me and lend my hands to the depriveds.

     By that I'll be free to walk in the corridor without any setbacks. Free to face the world without negative conjectures. And someday I will be proud and not shy to say I'm A Vee! (vee for volunteer) =))

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Greatest Vengeance

     I was just wondering why people are fund of earthly vengeance? I was watching at a news channel yesterday ng marining kong may plan for GMA's impeachment. And what's worse ay nanggaling pa 'to sa isa pang presidente who happens to be a victim of this administration. 

     Naisip ko lang wala namang magagawa ang pagpapakulong sa kanya kung tapos na ang lahat. I mean, the damage has been done so bakit pa kelangang magsayang ng oras para sa wala. Mabuti ba kung maibabalik lahat ng nanakaw niya kung meron man talaga. But unfortunately, ipaglaban man natin o hindi, wala nang pera o dignity o trust o integrity na maibabalik. Naubos na lahat. LAGAS.

     Mas matatanggap ko pa kung sinabing ipapaimpeach siya for her corrupt administration at kung manggagaling sa mga taong totoong nagmamalasakit sa bayan kesa sa presidenteng like what I've said was a victim of her. Kung iispin kasi napaka-subjective ng reason. Hindi valid. 

     Well, nasa batas naman talagang dapat parusahan ang mga taong nagkasala sa masa. Yun ay kung mapapatunayan. Hello? GMA yan. Talo pa ang octopus sa dami ng galamay. And I guess even she lowered down herself from being a representative of a district in Pampanga, tinitingala pa rin siya ng mga taong under her late administration. Reyna pa rin si Gloria! That's the truth!
     But whatever it is, i guess it's better na wag na magsayang ng oras para sa kanya. Move on na tayo. And get a new life from the new president. And with this time, ipakita natin kay GMA kung ano ang kayang magawa ng tao na hindi nagawa sa kanyang governance. At kung anong magagawa ng bagong presidente sa Pinas na hindi niya nagawa for 9 years. Hindi ba't mas mas masarap kung iisipin na nakapaghiganti tayo to those who have sinned to us in a way that seem to not actually pointing it out to them. In short, sila na ang bahalang makarealize ng mga maling bagay na nagawa nila for they were actually guilty from it. At least hindi pa tayo nakagawa ng masama laban sa kanila. 

     Hay! *sigh* Kung naiisip lang ng mga taong to ang nasa isip ko, e di sana wala nang gulo. Honestly, war freak ata talaga tayong mga Pilipino e. Laban kung laban without even figuring out na may mga taong sawa na sa bangayan, sa mga non-sense arguments that in fact e hindi naman nakakatulong sa lahat. Mas nakakasira pa nga e. 

     Remember that the greatest vengeance we could do is nothing but SUCCESS. Itanim nating lahat yan sa isip natin and apply it with all our hearts. Buhay talaga parang life! :))

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In English Please!

     Despite of the argumentation regarding integration of sex education in primary schools, there is this person who is problematic to whether or not teach it using English as the medium language. As I go on with the article I have read, he is pointing out that with the use of it, students may enhance the usage of the language. IS IT?

     May iba kasi akong naisip e. Do you know this Filipino behavior na kapag tagalog ang gamit usually cheap ang dating? Lalo na kapag sensitive topic ang center ng usapan. Well honestly, gawain ko yun. I mean, kapag alam kong sensitive ang mga bagay-bagay, it's better to say it in english rather than to our native language.

     I am not giving color to that article but that's how the substance impacted to me. Parang alam na rin naman kasi ng mga taong 'to ang ugali ng mga kabataan ngayon e. That in a wrong use of word, bigla-bigla na lang magkakaintindihan ang lahat at sabay-sabay tatawa. Alam ko kasi nagdaan din ako dian and til now medyo gawain ko pa rin. HAHAHA

    I remember the time when I was still on highschool, a student teacher was invited by my prof to teach sex education in MAPEH. And while he was lecturing, less yung impact ng mga terms like vagina, penis and the like (see? I can actually write it here without any malice). Pero nung nadulas siya and say a term in tagalog (maybe nag-nosebleed na siya), nagtawanan kaming lahat. :))

     And what I just have observed was that mas liberated na mga kabataan ngayon. I mean, not totally liberated but compare to us? We are lesser evil than them. :) Kaya if ever na matuloy ang implementation ng sex edu sa primary schools at tagalog ang gamit, naku gulo ang aabutin. Feeling ko magiging laughtrip lang yung time intended for it. The worse baka maging hornny pa ang mga kabataan.

     Kaya pabor akong English ang gamitin sa pagtuturo kung sakaling matuloy ito. At sana hindi lang basta-basta magturo ang mga teachers nito. I am hoping that DepEd will give more focus to it 'cuz of its sensitive topics. Sana yung mga magagaling at effective na prof lang ang ilagay. Wag ung mga PERVERT! right sir? (peace!)  :=))

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fading Name (?)

     I was browsing the web this morning trying to find common stats of everybody. To my surprise, I failed!  Maybe you too are wondering what's this 'common stat' thingy I am talking about. Well, if you did, you belong to those accounts I have dropped by a while ago.

     It seems that everybody has already forgotten this day. Aside from my sis' and classmate's birthday, wala ka ba talagang natatandaan? Gusto ko kasing marealize niyo sa sarili niyo kung anong meron sa araw na 'to. And before you go on to this litany, isipin mo muna kung anong 'brain-teaser' itong pinagsasabi ko. (i'll count: 1,2,3,4,5...)

     I hope naalala mo na. I will thank you a lot for doing that. Anyway, today is June 19, 2010. It's Rizal's 149th year of existence. June 19 was the most signifacant day happened to the Philippines dahil kung walang Jose Rizal, walang modern Philippines (whether you agree or not). Today was the day when God gave us a genius guy that aid the independence we were asking a century ago. This famous countryman is an idol! I salute him!

     Nakakalungkot lang isipin na parang nakalimutan na ata ng mga tao ang dahilan kung bakit tayo nag-eenjoy sa freedom na meron tayo ngayon. Parang nawawala na kasi ung presence niya in this contemporary situation. I hate 'utang na loob'. Pero with this kind of case, dapat sigurong ituro sa tao ang tunay na kahulugan ng utang na loob.

     I felt really sad when I noticed that no one even posted the name of Rizal in their stats. Nakakapanglumo. I just felt guilty kasi nakakapagfarmville tayo, mafia, twitter, o kahit anong social networks all day pero ni hindi man lang natin naisip yung important occasion today. I mean, we don't have to celebrate it. Simple greetings are enough kahit alam naman nating hindi niya mababasa yung mga yun. But atleast we know in our hearts that our hero will still be our hero even after thousands of years. That no one could ever replace him from being our hero.

     Let's try to not bury his uphill struggle to his own graveyard. Although his presence was not here physically, he still leave a mark in our history. An important mark that can only be done by no one but him.  No one will keep this other than us. So let us treasure him even we get gray. And by that time I expect we are proud that in our lives we did something for him, most especially being the hope he wished upon! Let us be the youth he once asked for! :))

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

There's just a Part of Me

     I have thought of so many times to whether or not write something about this in me. But I don't have the courage to tell it to everybody maybe because of the criticisms I would receive or the judgment that people might throw towards me. Pero pakapalan na ng mukha. Who are they, anyway?

     I have been spending my life here on Earth for about 18 years but from early childhood, I doubt that God really exist. Lalo na nung nagteenager ako dahil sa mga perspective na napupulot ko sa mga tao at sa mga tao na ring nakikilala ko.

     I guess I don't have a reason para hindi paniwalaan yun. Talo ko pa nga ang mga taong binugbog ng problema sa buhay e. Mga taong namatayan sa lumubog na barko o kaya binitay sa ibang bansa o kaya nasunog ang isang kamag-anak o kaya kinain ng lupa dahil sa lindol o kaya nalunod sa baha dahil sa malakas na bagyo. He really did nothing dreadful to my life and to my family either to not believe in Him. Masyado lang sigurong scientific ang utak ko para mag-isip ng something not proven (?)

     Honestly, I do not pray! Whenever we start the class with a prayer, I just go with them. Nagsa-sign of the cross (as a tradition) ako pero hindi ako nakikipag-usap sa Kanya. Ang wierd ko no! The worse is pagwala akong kasama. Kung hindi pa kasi iinitiate yun ng mga tao sa paligid ko hindi ko gagawin yun. Waste of time kung baga. (i'm becoming mean!)

     I remember the last time, my prof told us about her faith to God before and after. Sabi niya hindi siya believer ni God dati. But she has this enthusiasm to prove to herself that He really does exist. So she decided to attend religious gatherings, Holy Mass, etc. And that ensued to reliance, devotion, faith! So sabi niya instead of closing your mind to Him why not seek for Him although alam mo sa sarili mo na hindi mo siya pinaniniwalaan. E since matigas ang ulo ko, hindi ko pinaniwalaan ang teacher ko. Lokohin niyo lelang niyo. He really didn't exist, period!

     When I was highschool, I also tried to seek after Him. (Meron naman talagang willingness sa sarili ko para maniwala e. And somehow I envy those people who has faith to Him.) Me and my friends joined a religious group in our school which soon we learned that hindi lang pala siya sa school namin but all over the world. They called it MHCC (Mary Help of Christian Crusade). Kahit papaano sineryoso ko naman yun. Although every after fellowship bumabalik ang demon-like creature sa katawan ko. I remember the time whenever we were asked to attend vigil. Iaaproach pa lang ako ng mga kaibigan ko, alam na nila ang sagot ko. It's a big NO! Ayaw ko kayo na lang.

     And every Sunday we have an assembly in Makati NEAR GLORIETTA. Ako ang B.I ng grupo. One time papunta kami dun with our teachers. Sabi nung dalawang teacher namin e pupunta muna sila sa glorietta. After nilang mawala sa paningin KO, I encouraged my friends na mag-glorietta din at babalik na lang kami bago magstart yung assembly. Fortunately, nabrain-wash ko ang mga utak nila. We went to glorietta and everytime we saw our teachers dali-dali kaming tumatakbo as if a killer was hunting us. Malapit na magstart yung asembly at medyo tinatamad na kami so instead of attending the assembly we decided to went home. Buti na lang nakita kami nung mga techers namin kaya hindi natuloy ang binabalak namin! HAHAHA.

     Ganyan ako kalala (there's more pero too private). Ganyan ko katindi kung tanggihan si God. I don't know what He did to me to not accept Him in my life, the life that He truly has given to me. Minsan tuloy naiisip ko kelangan ko pa bang hintaying saniban ako ng demonyo para maniwala lang sa kanya. Parang yung mga palabas na napapanood ko sa TV na dahil hindi sila naniniwala that God really exist, sinasaniban sila ng mga bad spirits. But despite of it, hindi pa rin ako natatakot sa mga ganung bagay kaya mas lalong hindi ako naniniwala sa Kanya.

     Siguro my reason (which I guess was the reason too of many) was hindi ko maiwan ang mga kalokohan ko. Or hindi ko maiwasang gumawa ng mga bagay na mali kahit alam ko namang mali. One time I confessed to a priest all of my sins for the past few years and after it sabi niya wag ko na raw gagawin yung mga yun. E sakto pagkalabas ko pa lang ng confession room nakagawa na ako agad ng kasalanan. How will I stand on it? Kung ang mga simpleng bagay e hindi ko maiwasan. Paano ko pa sasabihing ayaw ko gumawa ng kasalan kung alam kong in every second there's a chance para makagawa ako ng kasalanan. At paano ako haharap sa pari kung ang mga bagay na icoconfess ko ay ang mga bagay na sinabi ko rin sa kanya before?

     Hindi ko alam kung anong mangyayari sa akin sa ginagawa ko. But I am hoping that at this time, I could be able to let myself believe in Him and render the rest of my life for Him. I do know that I am the only one who could help myself a lot. Alam ko namang someday magagawa ko rin. It's just that there's a part of me that cover up my entire conviction.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Canvass of the Society

     Aside from being inspired to attend my Catholic Worship class because of my seat mate, my prof let us watch a video documentary that really touched my life. Masakit makakita ng mga batang parang walang direksyon ang buhay. And I am thankful na despite of the financial challenge in the family, I still hold on to what is best for me which I think guided me to where am I right now. But behind it, sympathy is always there to those who didn't make it and those who seem to not make it.

     It is obvious that the case of poverty is at its extremes. Bakit may mga taong sobrang hirap gayung may mga taong sobrang yaman? Hindi natin masasabing dahil sa mahirap rin ang Pilipinas dahil kung ganun bakit may mga taong nakakapagspend ng pera in a worthless things like bumili ng mamahaling pagkain ng aso, o kaya nama'y damit ng pusa. 

     Do not also put the blame on them dahil kung just and humane talaga ang isang society, why the government is setting them aside. I mean, alam kong kumikilos naman ang mga nakaupo sa pwesto pero bakit in the worst and sluggish way. That would only mean they really don't care to them!

     I am not making judgment, only presumption based on observation. They are supposed to be public servants of the people. Remember democracy is governed by laws and not by the people. I was reading the Philippine Constitution yesterday and it says there, "Elected politicians are the servant of the people, not their masters!" (somewhat like that). Pero kung umasta ang mga mokong na 'to akala mo pag-aari ang Pinas. Kung makadala ng body guards and convoy kala mo VIP guest in an international conference. 

     Empathy, and not sympathy, is what they need. Wala namang magagawa ang awa sa kahit na sino e. Kaya kahit naaawa ako there is still this urge in me na tumulong sa tao. Kung hindi kaya ng mga mokong na pulitiko, bakit hindi natin gawin? How? First, patayin ang mga baliw na pulitiko. HAHAHA. Joke lang. That's so mean. Anyway, the fact is we are holding the real power of democracy. Kung matututo lang talagang gamitin 'to ng mga tao, I am sure the sixth sense will get by poverty. ABSENSE (absence)!


Friday, 11 June 2010

This Is Gonna Be A Life!

     This has been the week I guess I was waiting for. The only thing that made me feel in to a direction-less way maybe taken out from myself, from the perspective that seemed to be a big question to me.

     My friend Camille asked me to come with her last wednesday in a small gathering she called KKB. I have heard this once pero wala akong balak alamanin kung what is it all about. I also did told her that I will just be attending for once only.

     Hindi ko naman alam kung anong meron sa small meeting na yun. But to just gave me an idea, she said it was about christianism. And who the heck am I? Ako ang tipo ng taong hindi gugustuhin sumama to that kind of 'get-together'. Wala akong balak maniwala sa mga ganyang pananaw. That was me which seemed to be somehow an atheist.

     Pero dahil mabait ako in my own perspective, sumama ako kay Camz kahit alam kong ang mga sasabihin ng mga tao dun e papasok sa isang tenga ko at will urgently depart to any possible hole in my entire body!

     But to my surprise, Dom made me realized what life is all about. His words even challenged me to prove to myself what was he talking about. But still, that time didn't wholly capture myself. Matigas talaga ulo ko pagdating sa mga ganyang bagay. Hindi ako mabilis maniwala kahit alam kong lahat ng tao sa paligid ko naniniwala na.

     But I must admit that somehow in my stay in Benilde so far, that moment gave color to my life. That somehow in darkness I could see a beam starting to lighten up. Kaya when he said that there will be an  activity the friday of that week, I was so keen to join kahit hindi ko alam kung ano ba talaga ang mangyayari sa akin. Na baka isa lang to sa mga bagay na pagsisisihan ko sa buhay ko.

     And this day came. Kinabahan talaga ako honestly. Pero nang makarating kami sa meeting place, ang cool ng mga tao. They're just like the typical youths na maiingay, makukulit at masasayahing tao. Lalo na si ate rovie na nagpatanggal sa nerbyos ko temporarily. From the moment I stepped in to that place, laughtrip na ako. Akala ko nga comedy bar yung napasukan ko e dahil sa sobrang sakit ng tiyan ko kakatawa.

     The prayer meeting started. And I was starting to feel anxious again for this time. While they were singing with the eyes closed, I am observing them. Sorry! Curious pa kasi ako kung anong usual na ginagawa sa mga ganung fellowship. I felt so ashamed of myself. Makikita mo sa kanila how much they loved Christ . That in a glimpse of them with that scene, parang natatanong ko sa sarili ko kung anong meron sa kanila na wala ako that made them capable of believing in him. Na bakit hirap na hirap akong tanggapin siya sa sarili ko while these fellow people have already accepted Him and offer to Him their lives. Na paano nila na icenter si God sa kanilang buhay while I was having difficulty in putting Him as the reference point of my life.

     I know I will be open to Him someday. I am  still on the process of getting to know what life really was all about. And I know that with the help of these people, I will get a chance of serving Him and offered the life, in the first place, given to me! :|

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Manage Your Page With E-T-H-I-C-S !

     I was on duty yesterday and I was so tired to just looked at the monitor and go to the sites where I could read anything just to spend my time. Social networks were not allowed while on duty but since I was sick of doing nothing, I violated the rule.

     I logged in to my Facebook account trying to read status of folks out there. Nakita ko yung status ng isang fan page. They are haters of Tricia of PBB. But bago ko malaman yun, I thought they are pros. Hindi ko kasi talaga alam na BBE means evict. E since curious ako kung bakit ganun ung sinasabi nila 'bout tricia despite of the fact that they really hate Tricia I asked a question. Tinanong ko lang naman in a HUMBLE MANNER if this page are for haters of Tricia. What the heck did they replied? "Kaya nga BBE e!" (may kasunod pa ata, I forgot e.)

     I don't really remember the exact words. (I actually tried to copy and save it here kaya lang inerase nila e.) Pero the way they answer was so barbaric. However, I still try to answer back humbly. I said "sorry naman. masama ba magtanong?" And what makes the conversation worse ay dahil sa sinabi ko na, "Panu ba i-unlike ang page? Pro Tricia kasi ako e!" But I don't mean anything to that. I just asked.

     I don't know what's with these shit people pero pinalaki nila yung usapan. Ano nga naman kasing laban ko sa kanila e isa lang ako pero sila sankatutak. I don't care much to their page but one thing that made me mad was when they posted my name on their status and trying to shame me to everybody. Remember Facebook is a public network. Kaya kahit sino mang tao na ganun ang gawin magagalit!

     As far as I remember, they gave me instruction to how could I unlike the page. The admin said "Go to your Account setting then DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT!" And everybody commented on it laughing. It was really embarrassing so I tried to defend myself still in a humble manner.

     But this guy seemed to have no breeding including all the Tricia haters na nagcomment sa conversation na yun. He actually said that that's how he welcomes visitor. Hinahamon pa ako na magpasikat sa kanila. Pero hindi ko pinatulan yun 'coz I dont want to lower down my level to them. They couldn't really understand my point so I just decided to concede para hindi na lumaki yung gulo. Although, I gave them a piece of advice para at least may lesson pa rin out of it.

     I tried to visit the page kanina to see kung nakamoved-on na sila. But I guess hindi pa kasi the recent post when I dropped by to it was hinahamon pa rin nila ako by seeking for the 'La Sallista' guy na nakabangga nila kahapon and that was me. Pathetic people!

     Dahil ako ang tipo ng tao na hindi nagpapatalo ng ganun-ganun na lang, I reported it to the facebook administrator. Well, I guess I am on the right reason to do this. Hindi porket may anti na bumisita sa page niyo e pwede na kayong magbitaw ng kung ano-ano against sa taong yun. Hindi niyo pag-aari ang fanpage na yan or the facebook either para gawin yun.

     I think these people should learn their lessons. That there is still ethics in managing a fan page. And they should also learn kung paano magmanage ng mga ganung bagay more importantly if you were the administrator.

     I also got my lesson. I should try not to be with the people who are againt my perspective lalo na kung yung mga taong yun e hindi nakakaintindi ng point ng iba. I know there are people who were open-minded so I guess okay lang to dealt with them. Pero with these kind of people na nakasagupa ko yesterday, a big NO WAY! 

     Isa pa pala. I should not violate rule. Dahil I got a chance tuloy of meeting these people. Nabadtrip lang tuloy araw ko. HAHAHA. =)

Monday, 7 June 2010


     I was browsing Facebook a week ago trying to read stats of fellow friends when I came across Evan's profile. "Paalam Jenny from the taft!". That was the exact words he gave. I was wondering why he was bidding goodbye to her  so I commented on it until I found out that "Jenny" was already dead. :(

     Anuman ang tunay na nangyari, my sincerest condolence to her. Hindi niya ako kilala dahil sa dami ng mga students from both La Salle schools sa taft. Pero one thing I know to her was that siya lang naman ang source ng lahat ng infos going on at Benilde and Manila. By the way, I am addressing him as a "she" kasi gay siya. A useful gay beggar, indeed!

     Pulubi siya kung maituturing dahil palaboy-laboy lang siya sa labas ng school. No permanent place to live at. Namamalimos lang kung saan-saan and most particularly nga ay sa labas ng campus. But what makes her different from other 'beggars' was that hindi lang siya basta-basta nanghihingi ng pera sa mga students. She always make sure na may makukuha kaming infos from her.

     Sometimes I wonder how she got all those informations e. Like alam niya kung kelan kami may pasok at wala. Alam din niya ang midterms and finals sched, enrollment scheds, kelan bayaran ng ganito at ganyan. Minsan tuloy feeling ko prophet siya e or fortune teller or baka may third eye siya. And what's funny about it was that she even know a lot more than us regarding school announcements and schedules. Nagugulat na lang ako 'pag dadaan ako sa harap niya at bigla na lang siyang magsasalita na may ganito at ganyan sa school. Whatever way that is let Jenny kept it on herself and leave to us as a signature of him in this history of La Salle.

     I know everybody will miss her. Sino na lang ang magsasalita sa gilid mo while walking at the street at sasabihing "hoy ganda, pengeng piso!", "Pogi barya naman dian!" Wala na! Isa pa sa nakakabilib sa kanya was that hindi siya mapilit 'pag di mo binigyan. Aalis lang siya as if nothing happens at pupunta sa next target. And by that attitude, I know  La Sallians loved her so much.

     Since wala na siya,  I do think that all were symphatizing on her including me, of course. And I am thankful that I belonged to the last batch that got a chance of having her at the taft. Sorry na lang sa new comers kasi hindi nila mawi-witness how useful Jenny was at both La salle institutions. :c

     Goodbye Jenny! Thanks a lot! :((

Saturday, 5 June 2010

First Week Evaluation

     The class has just started a week ago and so far, okay naman ang lahat but still there's nothing new. Hindi ko na rin hinahanap kasi alam ko namang wala akong mapapala e. Everybody seemed to be excited pero ako, no way!

     Sometimes parang gusto kong tawanan yung ibang mga klasmeyts ko e. Napapansin ko kasi ang sipag nilang magsulat yata. And I know that this was just for this time 'coz I think kilala ko na sila. Sila ang mga tipo ng taong magpapasikat sa teacher sa simula ng class and at the midst of the term, you will rarely see them going around the class. I'm not being so mean and judgemental to them, I guess I am just being observant!

     Some were trying to do papansin moves para maimpress ang mga teachers. Like itong isa kong classmate sa literature class ko. Well, she looks like smart naman talaga but I hate students kasi na paepal at papansin sa lahat. She's trying to get the attention of all by asking so many things na kahit alam na niya e itatanong pa niya. Best actress!

     Last time I posted here a group of students na kinaiinisan ko dahil sa sobrang ingay nila everytime there's a class (entitled "You Pissed Me Off"  Tagged: "students"). I thought klasmeyt ko sila sa dalawang klase ko. Hindi pala. Unfortunately, dinagdagan pa ng isa. Buhay talaga masyadong mapaglaro. Kung sino pa ang ayaw mong makita yun pa ang ipipilit sayong makita mo. Small world!

     Heto pa. Yung parang baliw kong klasmeyt sa computer class ko, klasmeyt ko na naman sa Sociology. Last term badtrip na ako sa kanya dahil napaka-slow niya sa lessons. Simple instructions di magets. Kelangan pang ulit-ulitin. Like this:

    Him:     miss anong gagawin?
    Miss:    cut and paste mo yung file sa folder ko.
    Him:     ha?
    Miss:    (di pinansin)
    Him:     (nagtanong sa akin)
    Ako:     cut and paste mo raw yung file mo sa folder niya.
    Him:     cut and paste then copy ko?
    Ako:     :|

     So much to that. Move on tayo dito sa magandang babaeng katabi ko. Well, I think siya lang naman ang pinakamagandang babae sa religion class ko. And thank God dahil sa dinami-rami ng upuang pwedeng pwestuhan, she chose to sit beside me. *KILIG*. And what's impressive to her was that napakafriendly niya. Kinakausap niya ako kahit hindi ako nag-iinitiate ng usapan. Badtrip lang yung prof kasi hindi dumating. Kung kelan inspired akong magstay ng 3 hours para sa class na yun, saka pa siya wala. Pero buti na lang nakilala ko siya at nalaman ko name niya. Her name is JANE. And I am TARZAN! :)

     Ayan. Inienjoy ko na lang ang buhay kolehiyo ko. And so far, while I am writing this, tinatawanan ko na lang ang sarili ko. =))

Friday, 4 June 2010

Another Year Older

     My nephew has just celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday. Naging masaya naman yung party although inulan yung event. Tinuloy na lang namin sa loob ng bahay yung magics and other stuffs na gagawin ng mga clowns. You might think bakit parang there's nothing special naman sa 3rd birthday. Usually kasi grand celebrations are at the first and seventh birthday di ba. Well, hindi kasi nakapagcelebrate ng grande yung pamangkin ko at his first birthday. Wala kasing pera kaya binawi na lang sa 3rd. Reason!

     I should haven't missed this event kaya nagcut ako sa klase para lang maka-attend. First week of schooling absent agad. Yan ang estudyante. At pagdating ko pa sa bahay wala na. Biglang umulan. Dapat ata di na lang ako umuwi para nakapag-enjoy sila sa event. Im a jinx! M-A-L-A-S malas! :(

     Unti-unti nang lumalaki mga pamangkin ko. That means tumatanda na ako. HAHA. Pero ang sarap sa bahay kapag may bata e. Sila ang kapalit ng mga laruan ko nung bata pa ako. Ang sarap makipaglokohan sa mga 'to e. At mas nakakatuwa kapag nakakapagbigkas sila ng mga bagay na dapat matanda lang ang nakakaalam. Ang kyut!

     Minsan nga pagpupunta ako sa bahay nila tas tulog sila, pinagmamasdan ko sila. Iniimagine ko yung size nila nung newly born pa lang sila. And I will immediately comment na parang ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Before, during the labor of my sister sa first son niya, pabalik-balik ako sa hospital para malaman kung naipanganak na niya. Ilang beses akong nagpabalik-balik dun. At ilang beses rin akong napagod sa sobrang tagal lumabas ng baby. In the end, sa malapit na private clinic na lang dinala and at last, celebration na!

     Yung second baby naman e sa bahay lang iniluwal. Third year ako nun and 3pm yung uwi ko. But instead of going home, sa ibang bahay ako pumunta. Nandun kasi si ate naglalabor. At baka marinig ko yung boses niya pagilalabas na yung baby. Di ko kaya e. HAHA.

     And now, nakakalungkot na ang bilis dumaan ng panahon. Pero what's worth with it was the time na nagkausap yung isang ate ko and yung panganay kong pamangkin. My sister asked my nephew kung sino ang mabait sa lahat. BTW, my older nephew was 5 years old. Enough age to observe and comment right. Among all of the names my sister have told including his parents, only one was he thinks mabait. Well, he said " si tito bunso". *Ehhemm*. Ako lang naman yun! :))

     Kaya nakakaflatter na kahit minsan napapagalitan ko sila, naapreciate pa rin nila yung care ko sa kanila. And that was really an overwhelming emotion. Sa bata na nanggaling yan! HAHA. Kaya I was hoping na kahit di na sila bata sana barkada pa rin kami. Hindi naman kasi nalalayo edad ko sa kanila. HAHA. Kaya nga sa tingin ko I understand them better than the others. Pati kalokohan kasabwat ako ang mga yan. And at times ako pa ang nag-eencourage na gumawa ng kalokohan. Bata e. Let them enjoy the happiness and pain. They will realize din naman na mali ang isang bagay in some time. Guidance lang ang role natin!

     For now, full utilization of time lang ang kaya kong gawin para sa kanila. Para no regrets from the time they will reach teens and older :))

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Overused Democracy

     I attended my Political governance class a while ago and we talked about the constitution. My prof discussed the forms of government all over the world. Such where monarchy, oligarchy, unitarian, democracy and others.

     As we go on the topic, ideas where unconsciously circulating on my mind. And here it goes.

     I envy those people who are part of a monarchical government like Great Britain, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. It was not because they were progressive or maybe they were living in a government wherein they could live their lives comfortably. It was because they very much respect their leaders.

     According to my prof, they almost treat their kings and queens like a saint. They actually post the pictures of their kings to the streets like in Thailand. They didn't even say any bad things to them (because if they will, they will be dead!).

    But here in the Philippines, we almost thought to kill the president the time we meet her in the street or in mall. We even tease her in her back like "pandak", "unano" and "bangaw" and whatever negative words that, for us, best describe her.

     Maybe, all these things were happening because we overused our democracy. The freedom given to us exceeds the limit from what it should be. We even criticize lawmakers for not doing something that will benefit those people. And we are fund of rallying somewhere else to show deviation to what they have done.

     Well, we are lucky to have this kind of government, to have democracy. But instead of being thankful to it, we yet use it to hardly brawl with the authority. And the time we didn't get what we want, we gone by easily. So what have we just did? We just make a noise, put a lot of trash in the streets, and the worst, discourage foreign investors to invest in the country.

     You know what's wrong with us? We are man of criticism. Every action has an opposite reaction. They always come hand-in-hand. We always try to find holes to put that thing down. Like the senators and congressmen. They are supposed to make, propose and implement laws. But what are they doing in the congress? They are just quarreling and fighting like kids do. Pathetic.

     We are the only key to the development we want. So my only wish to you is to watch your actions. Everything will be fine if we just do what is right. Remember democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That means, we are the answer. :))