Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fading Name (?)

     I was browsing the web this morning trying to find common stats of everybody. To my surprise, I failed!  Maybe you too are wondering what's this 'common stat' thingy I am talking about. Well, if you did, you belong to those accounts I have dropped by a while ago.

     It seems that everybody has already forgotten this day. Aside from my sis' and classmate's birthday, wala ka ba talagang natatandaan? Gusto ko kasing marealize niyo sa sarili niyo kung anong meron sa araw na 'to. And before you go on to this litany, isipin mo muna kung anong 'brain-teaser' itong pinagsasabi ko. (i'll count: 1,2,3,4,5...)

     I hope naalala mo na. I will thank you a lot for doing that. Anyway, today is June 19, 2010. It's Rizal's 149th year of existence. June 19 was the most signifacant day happened to the Philippines dahil kung walang Jose Rizal, walang modern Philippines (whether you agree or not). Today was the day when God gave us a genius guy that aid the independence we were asking a century ago. This famous countryman is an idol! I salute him!

     Nakakalungkot lang isipin na parang nakalimutan na ata ng mga tao ang dahilan kung bakit tayo nag-eenjoy sa freedom na meron tayo ngayon. Parang nawawala na kasi ung presence niya in this contemporary situation. I hate 'utang na loob'. Pero with this kind of case, dapat sigurong ituro sa tao ang tunay na kahulugan ng utang na loob.

     I felt really sad when I noticed that no one even posted the name of Rizal in their stats. Nakakapanglumo. I just felt guilty kasi nakakapagfarmville tayo, mafia, twitter, o kahit anong social networks all day pero ni hindi man lang natin naisip yung important occasion today. I mean, we don't have to celebrate it. Simple greetings are enough kahit alam naman nating hindi niya mababasa yung mga yun. But atleast we know in our hearts that our hero will still be our hero even after thousands of years. That no one could ever replace him from being our hero.

     Let's try to not bury his uphill struggle to his own graveyard. Although his presence was not here physically, he still leave a mark in our history. An important mark that can only be done by no one but him.  No one will keep this other than us. So let us treasure him even we get gray. And by that time I expect we are proud that in our lives we did something for him, most especially being the hope he wished upon! Let us be the youth he once asked for! :))


Lique said...

IMG! oonga. i knew there was something about june 19. (palusot) ahha. pero aprang meron talaga sinsabi si subconscous ko. pero im gonna repost this para malaman ng amrami :D

anthony said...

ahahaha. suresure. naku kinalimutan mo rin! tsktsktsk. hahaha ok lang yan at least nasa subconcious di ba hehehehe =))