Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bayan Ko, Sagot Ko ( a Forum Regarding Con - Ass )

Last June 22, 2009, I attended the campaign and a forum that tackled about Constituent Assembly as a way of amending the 1987 Philippines Constitution. The five guest speakers are all against the proposal. They were Atty. Adel Tamano, Hon. Teofsito Guingona III, Hon. Palatino, and Ms. Leah Navarro.

I attended the forum not because of the credit it will give but because of my awareness about the said issue. As a youth, I know that I have a big deal of role in the society and I wanna take this seriously 'coz our motherland is the subject matter of this political-buzzing issue and I don't want my country lead to risk and chaos.

During the presentation of different but one goal perceptions about the Con-Ass, I attentively listened to every speaker. And as it goes, it slowly enlightened my mind and answers some of my queries about this. It showed me that the House Resolution 1109 is a very satire tempt where it may caused the differences to the culture and traditions of the Filipino people. According to the speakers it is a parsimonious and stingy proposal.

Why they are like that? They can able to sacrifice the sake of the Filipino community just for their own interest. So disgusting!!! Imagine a Filipino betraying HER own race!!! What a hell??? You didn't just put yourself in disgrace but the nation itself.

I remember one of the speakers resembled Con-Ass to a movie entitled "'Wag mong buhayin ang bangkay" It sounds facetious but its true and I definitely agreed to him. According to him and also to the news that I've watched, Con-Ass has been "killed" for ample times. They are just pursuing it without presenting any papers that this resolution will contribute or even the root for the development of our country. Why is that? Simply because its for their sake.

Well, that's life

we can't avoid meeting frenzied people. And the worst thing is that they are all in the authority. How can we fight people who is the most powerful being in the Philippines?

Well, lets just be optimistic!!! We can resolved this "frantic" problem.

Me myself, I just compare it to the similarities of all the movies. What is it? That in every movie superb always win and bad are destined to fall. .

Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day !!!

Today is the time to give tribute to our beloved fathers for their sacrifices and hardworks that they exerted just to make the life of the family longlast with bliss.

I wanna take this opportunity to thank my father who always been there for me. Though there were times that we have misunderstandings I know thats a part of our life 'coz that brings lessons and shows what life really is.

In fact, my father is very alcoholic and that makes my mom irritated and causes everyday fightings. This kind of situation is very usual to us making it a natural event. This makes the tight of the family barred. It hurts for me so much but thats the reality and I have to accept the fact that it will last till the day we die.

Actually, I'm not that close to my father but among the kids, I am the closest. Honestly, we just talk seriously only when he has drunk. We talk the family problems that we don't usually do when normal days -- and that what i hate about me.

One time when some problems reaches its peak, he cried. That's the first time he cried in front of me. I was about to cry then. I just making the conversation happy 'coz I don't wanna cry. But I can't stop it 'coz its very dramatic. My tears suddenly rolled down and I can't stop it anymore. We were both crying while realizing that my father was hurting and seemingly dying.

That day lasted. I felt the grievance in his heart. i kept on asking. What shall I do to turn that rainy days shine?

Till now I don't know what to do but i know that that day will come very soon.

My father is turning 60 and before he leave I want the wounds in our hearts healed. I love my father so much and I don't wanna see him hurt and the whole family too.

Though that family crisis came I know that my dad had been a good father to me and my siblings.

Don't just pay tribute to them on their day 'coz everyday is the time for that.


Friday, 19 June 2009

I Love My School

Its been a month when I was reassured that I am really a college student. But not just an ordinary student 'coz its different when you entered a prestigious university -- this is something I am proud of.

Actually, it's not my plan to enter a prestigious-type of university simply because I don't want to . But then it came to my life the decision to enter on my present school -- De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. Whoa, I am now a La Sallian! ! I never dreamed this of or even imagine that I will spent my soon-to-be professional career and lend the rest of my education and of being a student here in Benilde.

At first I thought that it will be hard to have friends and linger to them 'coz most of my block mates are "richie kid". I never thought that in this short span of time I can have friends whom I can share some of my laughters. Though not all of them can I call friends 'coz its just starting. But I know that it will grow up to the point when I realize that I'm really a part of the family. I may not be the veracious me today but at some point in time it will burst and ready to introduce what kind person I am.

College of Saint Benilde is the best for me. The facilities are excellent. They are all functional and the best. I love it! ! The teachers are all good. They are all zoosh. The environment including the staffs are very hospitable and friendly and kind.

I know that these are just the new beginnings of the new chapter in my life. I know a lot of experiences can drop from here and as soon as now, I'm thankful for that. I don't know why but the fact is, I feel free in this university. I enjoy here as if I planned to be here. This is the right choice!!!