Thursday, 26 August 2010

My Life is My Message

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Yesterday, I received a text message from a friend with regards to Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. Honestly, I was shocked with what I have read. I really didn’t think of that exciting, melodramatic yet danceable song (for girls maybe) has a double meaning, far different from how others interpreted this Lady Gaga’s crazy lyrics.

Lady Gaga

But as usual, hindi ako nagpadala agad sa ‘kalokohang’ to. I love Lady Gaga. Who doesn’t? San ka makakakita ng magandang babaeng nagpapakabaliw para sa career? And the songs? Well, it is really applauded. That is why the first time Poker Face hits the Billboard’s Top 100, I started being crazy to her ( not to the extent, of course :) ). But let me tell you the two different meanings of her song Alejandro!
According to, Alejandro is a song that reflects Lady Gaga’s attitude towards men. She actually base love towards men’s wallet, which in the first place is not actually a form of love. The following are some lines that proves this behavior:

She hides true love en su bolsillo. Bolsillo is a Spanish word for pocket. And this line actually plays a large part in this song.

She’s got a halo round her finger, around you. This lyric actually reflects Gaga’s innocent act to men by wrapping men around her fingers.
I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me; but I just can’t be with you like this anymore…Alejandro. This part shows how she treats men while in a relationship, that is all about lust and financial assistance.

Alejandro, Fernando, Roberto. This multiple changing of 3 names actually reflects her fear of commitment to the point that she even forget what was the name of her lover.

But that’s not all. There is a chain message that has been spreading through out the world with what this song was all about. Maybe if Lady Gaga would know this, she could perhaps ask herself why the meaning was given like that. I mean, maybe she still don’t know what religious views does her song impacted to some. Making it intriguing! Anyway, this was the message I have received regarding this song and was supported by readings stuffs in the internet.( )

Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto actually mean Man’s defender and Protector, Ardent for peace, and Bright or shining fame respectively in which in Christian views actually pertains to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Aside from that, Hotter than Mexico pertains to hell and the babe used in the song was actually pertaining to a child. (given exodus 2:6 which uses baby instead of child).

Incorporating each to the song will produce a lyrics of blasphemy. Here it goes.

“Don’t bother me Don’t bother me Alejandro (God)”

“Don’t call my name Don’t call me Name Bye Fernando(Jesus)”

“I’m not your Babe (child) I’m not your Babe (child) Alejandro (God)”

“Don’t call my name don’t call my name Roberto (Holy Spirit)”

Got it? Well, I do not know how true this one is? But through researching, I’m honestly about to believe. And that she really is Satanic. I better leave to you your choice. I do not want to influence you with this realization. This is just a personal thing being published publicly. I have nothing against Lady Gaga although the content itself is against herself.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

MRT, LRT Fare Hike

     If I were to ask you whether you agree to this fare hike in railway transportation, I know I shouldn’t wait an answer for the answer is obvious (or maybe I shouldn’t ask in the first place). It is a big NO, isn’t it? Well, it is really another box to carry on our back. Sino bang valued passenger ang hindi papalag sa planong ‘to ng Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC)???  AKOOOOO!!!
                        LRT 2
     When I enter college, I started riding LRT 1. And in one of those days, I have asked myself ” Bakit kaya 15 pesos lang pamasahe sa LRT?” Really, it made me curious. When you try to figure it out, 20 pesos ang pamasahe from Baclaran to Monumento using jeepney, 5 pesos higher than LRT fare. E sympre kung ikaw pupunta ng monumento mag-LRT ka na di ba? Aircon na, traffic free pa. Unlike jeep na after mong bumiyahe at kung pormang porma ka, better visit comfort room first kung ayaw mong pagtawanan ng mga makakasalubong mo!

     Dahil sa murang pamasahe, pati mga sidewalk vendors ng Quiapo at Divisoria, sa LRT na sumasakay kaya lalong nagsisikip. Single ticket lang binili nila pero sakop hanggang tatlong tao dahil sa ‘imported baggage’ nila! Whew. The worst, amoy mamang pagod pa yung makakatabi mo! Saklap.

     Eto pa. Dahil sa murang pamasahe na ‘to, kung hindi ikaw ang mananakit, ikaw ang masasaktan! Kung gusto mong makalabas ng buhay, siguraduhin mong close-fisted ang yung kamay while in a boxing position. It is really indeed a battle! And always ready your speech dahil inevitable ang debate inside the train. :))

     What is the point? Dahil sa murang pamasahe, lahat ng tao napapamura sa pangit na service ng LRTA. Imagine, the purpose of having railways is for the ease of traveling, both from ordinary transportation and train, and to avoid heavy traffics around Metro Manila. Ang tanong, naresolba ba yung traffic sa EDSA? Hindi naman di ba? What’s worst nagkakaroon na rin ng human traffic (not human trafficking HAHA) inside LRTs. Mas nagkakagulo tuloy sa loob ng train lalo na kapag delay yung dating ng tren dahil sa pa-VIP pilots! And that is all because of very cheap fare!

     I am not selfish to those who also wanted to ride LRT. Hindi naman sakin yun, in the first place. But the mentioned above were not really my only reason why I agree to this fare hike plan. There is a much deeper reason and much consideration with those in need, those who belonged top the poverty line!

     Maybe you were asking kung anong kinalaman ng mga mahihirap sa usaping ‘to. Let me go back first to my previous question “Bakit kaya 15 pesos lang pamasahe sa LRT?” The answer is because it was subsidized by the government. By how many percent? 75 percent! According to , supposedly 60 pesos ang pamasahe sa LRTs and MRT. But for the paramount consideration of its affordability to the people, the government less it down to 15 pesos as the maximum fare. Which would mean 45 pesos ang pasanin ng gobyerno. Eh how many commuters, all together, do LRT 1and 2 and MRT 3 have everyday? It’s Million men!

     And approximately, 2 BILLION PESOS were alloted by the government for this subsidy every year. Imagine, tinutulungan tayo ng gobyerno ng ganung kalaking halaga sa mga bagay na kaya naman nating gastusan. Or if not, kaya naman nating gawan ng paraan like magjeep or bus na lang instead of riding trains. If you know your burden, better know what is/are other’s burden because of you!

     Marami ng matutulungan mahirap na Pilipino ang 2 BILLION PESOS lalo na’t ibinulgar pa sa atin ni PNoy na 100 Billion pesos na lang ang natitirang budget ng gobyerno. Wag na nating ipagdamot pa sa mga taong ‘to ang 45 pesos na subsidy from the government. Hindi natin ikamamatay yan pero para sa mga taong tinutukoy ko, 45 pesos is already a 2-meal-in-a-day budget!
Street Kid and so helpless! :((
     We better think of our fellowmen first before we complain and condemn. Siguro mas maganda kung tignan mo muna ang paligid mo. Observe what you can see around the streets. Observe what is being situated in every avenue you pass through. Kahit saan ka pa magpunta, you can see only the same scenario.

     Hence, am I being selfish? I don’t think so. So for those who are trying to hit the Aquino government for this move, you better ask yourself if you have been in the right place. Hindi na ako magbabanggit ng militant group na nagbabadya ng ganitong senaryo for they have already knew themselves. Mag-isip naman muna kayo bago kayo magrally, manira at magkalat sa Pilipinas! >’<