Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Immersion Photos

     The following are some of the photos taken from the 3-day immersion-team building event of the volunteering unit, Center for Social Action (CSA) of my school held at Botolan and San Felipe Zambales.

This is the view outside the bus. MEdyo malabo kasi gumagalaw e hehe.

                        Two of my very good friends in CSB.

At the mayor's office for welcoming us. kakaiba office nila kitang-kita sa labas yung mga ginagawa sa loob. Transparent glass kasi yung gamit. Anyway, before we went here, we ate our lunch. Pagdating namin dito, may mga handang pagkain. Whew. puro pagkain sobrang busog ako! haha

Stopover going to LAKAS Pamayanan. So quiet and peaceful place with fresh air and very relaxing ambiance. The guys were on jeep while the girls are walking through that way! whew! iba na talaga haha :))

Just caught that picture and guess it's interesting. Hindi ko lang alam kung madumi na ba yan o sadyang brown lang talga kulay niya! But then nice scenery pa rin :))

 Habang nagkakagulo ang lahat habang naglalakad, si MJ hindi napigilang magpost for a super nice shot! hahaha. Beautiful pose! whew! good job MJ hahaha =)))

Assembly at pala-pala (di ko sure kung yan yung tawag). This is to welcome us and to designate us to our host families. :))

The Aetas while dancing. Nakalimutan ko rin yung tawag sa sayaw nila e. Anyway, everybody enjoyed it! thanks a lot. :))

My host family. Sa likod ay yung bahay na tinuluyan ko (yung bahay nila). Great experience from this house! :))

My baby brother Gerald and sister Izel. Si Izel ang nagluto ng ulam naming 'sinabawang sardinas' Grabe talo pa ako hahaha =)))

This is Justine Bieber! whew. hanep ang alaga international teen idol. hahaha. Hindi nga ako pinapansin nito e everytime tatawagin ko. Suplado si Bieber hahaha =)))

Camera shy hehehe. Pinilit ko siyang magpapicture. Child abuse? di naman hahahaha. Kyut! :))

Lobena the archer. Yun oh! meron nang pwede pumalit sa logo ng la salle! hahaha. peace tayo dude! :))

Social Analysis activity with Sir Yoks at San Felipe Retreat house. Got such great learnings from it! :))

Meet Sadako "The Hair". hahaha. Peace tayo MJ! Whew. Enjoy talaga with this company! =))

At the beach. Whew before we went home, nagswimming muna kaming lahat este sila lang pala. Takot ako sa tubig e hahaha. joke lang! :))

Whew, ang kyut din ng pic na to. What name shall I call your group? Power puff girls times two plus one! hahahaha. ang haba! =))))))

The presence of the siren! hahaha. peace tayo MJ. Ulo-ulo lang wag kasama katawan! hahaha. peace ulit! weee =)))

Lakas ng alon. Sa sobrang lakas lahat sila nadadala. Pero sayang di ko naexperience hahaha. Pagnagkapera ako magswmming lesson ako! whew =)))

My favorite shot. Ang ganda ng kuha di ba? whew! Sarap palitan ni Sir Yoks dian at ako ang ilagay para may primary photo na ako sa FB hahaha =)))

One of our activity. I forgot din the name hahaha. (sorry alzeichmers) This has something to do with goals in life with the presence of Yin Yang principle. This was headed by Tita Winnie (the girl standing in the middle) :))

Commitment Net. We all wrote a commitment statement as a volunteer of CSA. Cool idea. :))

LAst luch namin. Sinagad ko na. Kain rin ako ng marami hahaha. Sarap ng ulam e! hehehe =))) 

And goodbye. :((

     This experience really marked in my life. That after several years, I could still remember how was my stay in Zambales. Thanks to CSA for this opportunity. I know there will be a lot more and I hope I could still be with you! weee =))

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

SONA (Son of Ninoy Aquino)

     Below is actually a reaction paper about the 2010 SONA which I did for a friend. I just want it to share to you! and hoping a positive feedback! :))

Note: if you are wondering why Son of Ninoy Aquino, it's just nothing. I just saw it in facebook and thought it's interesting weeee! =))
     Last July 26, 2010, our newly-elected president has delivered his very first State of the Nation Address (SONA). This has to be done to carry out one of the powers of the president so called The Informing Power. As a practice, the president shall report to the people the accomplishments and progress of the country more particularly in Economy.

     But since he was only been the president for only few days, what shall he report to the people? Maybe that was the reason why some critics have been questioning the credibility and accountability of his speech, that the speech itself was not entitled to be detailed in the annual SONA.

     Well, I guess, there is nothing wrong nor questions to be asked with his address. What shall he brag out of the things he has accomplished if in the first place he actually done nothing yet? I have read several reviews about the speech and most of it agreed upon the negatives.

     President Aquino has clearly emphasized the need of cooperation in his line ‘how do we move forward if we keep others putting down.’ True that finding faults to someone else will not contribute to the growth of the whole. And so, appreciation in his speech shall be specified or else we will be stopped and hindered by this destructive thought.

     Several political analyst and professors has candidly expressed the dismay on their part regarding the substance of the speech. But as an ordinary citizen, I have reassured by the government to have a society that is just and humane and guaranteed the continuance of our development.

     As young mind, I felt the sort of comfort and confidence in his words for I still hope for the betterment of this country. I really believe that one day will come wherein all of us will walk through the right path of life and I do believe that this day has already come with him as the following light.

     Our future will pay for the greed of yesterday. I want to quote this line for I know this SONA has been our mere evidence to his promises. With this line, I can see the determination to really restore the country from scrape. He strongly stressed out that there is a need of total renovation to the management of the Philippines.

     He has presented several glitches of the preceding administration and I was really stunned to this anomaly. How come these people did that even if they are aware of the present situation of the class E Filipinos? There is really no shame with these people or even conscience residing in them. *(you better read his speech and get surprised more importantly on MWSS issue!)

     I thought the so-called Midnight Appointees are just “stuff” that merely contributes to the corruption of some government officials. Only after his speech that the “stuff” I am calling is actually a major great problem of the society. Well honestly, I am tired of hearing corruption in any political units, to the point of taking it as a normal scenario. That is why midnight appointees were not so big deal to me.

     But then I have come to realize that whatever setbacks, minor or not, are still affecting the country as huge as it can be. That is why I am supporting what our president has affirmed. He has really given enough assurance that this country will wake up from nightmares and, in a short process, will definitely boost the economy.

     Let us all become one in achieving a fulfillment of our hopes and aspirations for our country. --- President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III

Monday, 26 July 2010

Vee Immersion

     Last July 23-25 the Center for Social Action (CSA), the volunteering unit of my school, had a 3-day immersion-team building program at Botolan and San Felipe Zambales.

Team VEE
     This posting is I know not enough to show my gratitude, enjoyment and learnings that's why for now i will try to sum up the highlights of that wonderful event and gonna post another blog for some details. (sorry ahh maarte lang haha)

     But before that, I just wanna brag out what good thing happened in my life. Well, hindi lang naman ako nasuka at nahilo sa biyahe. Ito lagi ang kalaban ko whenever I travel lalo na  kung ang biyahe is 1 and up hours (see ) That is why mas gusto ko pang maglakad ng ilang kilometro kesa magtagal sa jeep o bus o kung alinmang sasakyan!

     Enough to that. First stop is at Botolan, Zambales in LAKAS PAMAYANAN as Aetas called it. You read it right! LAKAS PAMAYANAN is an Aeta community. This was their residing area after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. CSA have been organizing different community services to them since late 90s. And the partnership between them is getting stonger and binded.

Bahay Kubo. Ganyan ang mga bahay na tinirahan namin.

     We slept at our host family's house. They have taken care of us for more or less a day. They prepared us dinner and breakfast and provided a bed to sleep on. They too mingle on us. Talked about our goals in staying at their area. And have shared indifferences in our cultures.

     'Sinabawang Sardinas' shall I call it? Honestly, first time kong kumain ng ganung luto ng sardinas. Hindi masyadong masarap but I didn't complain. I just enjoyed the food as they do and that is what important. And it is really hard to eat using your hand lalo na kapag sabaw ang ulam. Actually, there were only 3 spoons in that house. One as the serving spoon for rice, one for the ulam and the other for the other ulam! But I really enjoyed it! yumyum!!!
My host family --> from left MJ, Jeric, Lola Dayrit, Nanay Nenita, Baby Gerald, Izel (yung dalawa di ko kilala hahaha

     The morning after, we went to the farm. Unti lang kaming nagpunta dun, yung iba sa ilog yung iba naman sa kung saan lang! The best thing there was when we planted rice plants. Totoo nga talaga ang kantang 'Magtanim ay di biro' Imagine We all started at exactly the same time pero yung mga kasama namin nakatapos na ng ilang line kami wala pa sa kalahati. Ang bilis nila kumuha ng itatanim. E kami feeling ko kumukuha ako ng sampaguita garlands na kelangan pang bilanging para pare-pareho ang dami e.
Me and MJ at the farm. (Framville mode!)
     And that was the first day! After which we went to San Felipe retreat house to carry out the team building proper. And from that I learned a lot. That being a volunteer is not just about offering your time to the community but submitting your life to those who are in need. That being a volunteer is not about your deeds but purpose. That being a volunteer is not about presenting material help but sustainable aid.

     The night of that day, we had our 'Special Last Supper' This was really unexpected. I thought they will give us exotic foods or something that would make our stomach move upside down. Only after it when my confusion became apparent and got learnings from it. Whose creative mind deliberated that? I should  commend you!
At the retreat house
     Then we had our 'Solidarity Night' were we did showtime-like program. Labasan ng talent but of course we still have to be considerate with what we have learned with the Aetas. And well , we won! weee!!! But honestly i really enjoyed the performance of everyone kahit PANGIT hahaha. Dalawang bagay lang naman ang nakakatawa e. Yung talagang maganda at yung super pangit! wahahaha. BUt I have to thank them for giving laughter to each of us! =))

     Refreshment came after. We all went at a beach near the  retreat house. The place was very peaceful, approriate for relaxation. Pero dahil hindi ako marunong lumangoy nagtampisaw lang ako sa pinakamababang area ng dagat, sa seashore wherein mababasa ka lang everytime the water waves toward the shore. HAHAHA.
At the beach!
     And that was the immersion slash team building all about. I guess all of us enjoyed it and all of us will crave for another same event. weeee! =))

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

'Hapag ng Pag-asa'

     Last June, during the opening of this school year, my Cathwor Professor let us watched a video-documentary named 'Canvass of the Society' inspired by a painting of Joey Velasco shown below. Because of its meaningful thought, I do even posted my insight about that video (title: Canvass of the society ; Tags: poverty, society)

     The point of writing another similar blog over again (although not discussed what's the painting was all about) is because of the bad news I have read in my twitter account (shown below). Joey Velasco has passed away. Shocked but not dismayed for I know it was God's purpose to let him leave the earth and for I know that leaving this sinful world does not and will never rub out his greatest art work as a product of his God-given talent.

 Retweet of ANCAlert account
     "Hapag ng Pag-asa" is a painting of 'The Last Supper' but in place of the 12 apostles are the 12 impoverished children of our society. These kids were not an imagination for he had paid for these people to pose for him.

   The Last Supper with the Street Children
   In his video, he said that he found himself with this painting. That among his high-paid wonderful paintings, this one was the best, meaningful and PRICELESS! It invokes so much virtues of life yet not everyone has already imprinted to their minds what's this painting all about and what is it for.

     Isn't it obvious that he is calling us to save these people? Or we are just insensitive to these realities of life? Anyway, conscience always knocks. It's up to you to whether bury yourself in guilt or live in heaven with them.

     Every children in this painting has their own story. They may differ on forms of how bitter life was to them but they all have the same ending: hunger, pain, difficulty, and impairment. Some were garbage collector and has taken the risk of being hit by the garbage truck, some were out of school and tended to work for their family and some were malnourished for they haven't fed enough nutrients to their body. (The video below entitled 'Canvass of the Society' tells the story of these children narrated by Joey Velasco)

     I remember during my Filipino subject, we were asked to make a short story of any topic. Then my professor had shown us a sample which entitled 'Sa Hapag Sila ang kasama Niya' (not really sure to the title but somehow it's sounds like that). It is a story of where Jesus prefer to be with in line of this social problem and discrimination. And according to it, those that attend parties, bar and classy gatherings were those that didn't notice the presence of Him because they are busy dealing with themselves alone. While people laying on the streets with no foods at all, if there is maybe came from trash, are where He is.

     And how keen I was to make such story like that because it really speaks the truth. That whenever we satisfy ourselves we tend to set aside our Creator and even thank Him not for the happiness we had. And I guess if I could just write such composition that way, I might perhaps bring the message of the Lord and influence their minds like Joey Velasco had done to me with his painting.

     And I do hope that there's a lot of Joey Velasco in this world to let everyone realize that life is not about us but about Him. And we must live in His purpose and not in our own will and fulfillment. In which our prime purpose is to help others, Or if not, at least don't hurt them!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

When Would Next Time Be?

     In life, we have to face the reality that people get in and out of our lives. That after happiness and glee, we all end up saying goodbye to each other while next time would be unpredictable of its arrival. 

     A day is not enough to fill the presence of each one for the long time of missing. And sleepless night together would not load the missing moments of bonding. And sometimes, these day and night would only make you feel alone 'coz after that time, you know in yourself  that the one seating beside you will be gone for unknown period of time. 

     'I know, I have to go away!' A line in a song that we kept on singing while trying to spend the rest of the hours with each company. We sing while an arm was held in each of our shoulders, while drinking tonic water, while eating crispy pata, while seating in a sofa, and while trying to make the most out of the limited time.

     I didn't feel asleep for I know that closing my eyes would mean wasting my time. Watching the sky is the very best thing to do to maximize time, to slower down the hands of the clock. The lights coming from outside would be gone when the day comes out and as goodbye will shortly be uttered. 

     The time was kept on running while the both of us was trying to impede it. But who else can stop it? None does not even one! 

     Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. The only thing we did from that time. Sad emotion has no place between us although I know that emotional is us. No one would let the other know how sad it was to leave a friend. But deep inside is a feeling of strong attachment that was forcefully trying to detach.

     And the time of goodbye came. How hard it was to step a foot outside the door. How hard it was to give last words and advices to the both of us. And how hard for us to turn our backs to each other.

     I hope Spain and Philippines are not distant countries nor different nations so that we could still see and visit each other. How I wish to be with a true friend that really cares about me while in return being a true friend too. But this is not about gives and gifts. It is the love that generate us to be like that and do it that way. 

     We yet promise to see each other again while giving presents to each of us. We just don't know when would that happen. I don't wanna wait forever nor for a single day 'coz someone special is worth having and living for. How I wish that next time would be so soon while soon is tomorrow! :((

I wish you the best my friend!!! ;(

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Where's my blog life!

     For the past two weeks, I almost get rid of my blogging life as I faced so many problems in life. Well I thought this was just about academic dilemma for every midterms and finals period, I always end up cramming. But I don't really set aside blogging during the past terms because everything I have to do was, I know, under my full control. Alam kong after all those projects and exams and minor hitches, matatapos ko rin yun without sacrificing writing. But this was a different one yet I still wind up composing thoughts and bring these thougths out!

     I do write my drafts every night. Ito yung after-a-day-thoughts sa buhay ko. Kung may maisip akong topic better, at least, my day would end up with realization/s. Kung wala naman okay lang. I still write but not publish. Reason? it's a personal thing! 

Kaya for the past two weeks, I felt somehow and something incomplete or curtailed or unfinished. Parang may kulang but I know it was blog. But I can't help it. Sa dami ng iniisip ko, wala ng idea na pumapasok sa utak ko. At sa dami ng gagawin, I find no time for it.

The previous term kasi, the projects were more on academic or let me say creative scheme unlike now, very technical. At ang major problem ko si Alice (3d programming). Paano ba pagalawin ang mga virtual objects like real. Ni palakarin nga ang tao hindi ko magawa ng maayos e what more if I have to adapt fairytale story and use alice to present it. tss

Damay mo pa ang research paper sa Sociology, professional photography in Aesthet, debate in Poligov, every-meeting-quiz of literature, and the worst midterm exams. Plus I have to attend school activities and of course my work and personal problems. Nyay! So far half of it were done but in near future I will be gone. HAHAHA

See? I have to keep back the least (although the most interesting part of my life) important among all. But then, parang hindi tama sa pakiramadam ko na gawin yun. Kaya lang wala naman akong magagawa e. Important is important kahit ayaw mo!

Everytime I visit my site, parang wala na ngang taong bumibisita e. Twas like, the moment I set aside blogging was also the time that my readers set aside my site. And I am so helpless about it. Ano nga naman kasing mapapala ng mga taong bibisita sa isang site na walang bagong makikita o mababasa. And that what writers (although I am not a good writer! sheez.) never wanted to happen. And sorry to me 'coz it happened!

What I can do for now is to keep on writing and try to get back my readers and my kablogs! And hopefully that would be an easy thing to do. On the other side, alam kong makukumpleto na ulit ang araw ko with this great thing I have. :))

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


     It is really hard when you have to make decision out of nothing. I don't know if it is right to say 'out of nothing' because something big was really in there only that myself kept on complaining making the situation more complicated to handle where in fact I could really set up options and choose among them swiftly. That's how easy it is.

     I was really very much affected to the point na nakalimutan kong kelangan ko pa lang magreview for the midterm exams and do my assginment. I actually didn't pass or even do my assignment because of that simple-turned-complicated-problem case ng buhay ko. It sucks.

     I am not ready. This was the line that always popped-up to my mind, that even I tried to convince myself to attend that activity, I still ended up saying ' I am not ready!' Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit on whatever compelling power na ginamit ko, wala pa ring epekto. I still stood with what is not right although I am consciously aware that it will help me a lot.

     It is not that I am trying to hinder myself. I have the will and the courage to attend. It's just that I felt something missing regarding my sense of belonging. It's the same feeling when you are new to an organization or stranger in town, or peculiar from the majority.

     Only when a 'strange' girl talked to me with my fellow friends. I was inspired by what she've said. Nagulat lang ako for a while kasi parang siya yung naging sagot sa problema ko. I mean, napakatuliro ko kasi before we've met. As in, like what I've said, hindi na ako nakapagreview for the exam at there's a feeling of sluggishness during that time. Kaya naisip ko it is really a God's will na makita ko siya at marinig ko yung mga sasabihin niya.

     She said that an individual can't help himself by means of himself alone. He needs to be involved with fellow people to grow. And what's make me realized things was when she said that hindi naman kelangan ng tao maging matured muna bago makisama sa mga taong may alam na sa buhay. Kaya nga makikihalubilo ka sa kanila para may matutunan and apply it to your life.

     I have this perception kasi na nakakahiyang makisama sa mga taong, let's say, 'professional' na sa ilang mga bagay. And what's worst is when you saw someone younger than you! Di ba mas humiliated yun! Kaya I have the tendency to make myself 'professional' first before getting involve with them. At least kahit papaano pumantay ako sa level nila. HEHEHE

      Thank God that at least hindi na nagtagal itong kakaisip ko. That in just a day nabigyan agad ako ng sagot! Ang sarap pala sa pakiramdam ng ganun e! That after you've wasted your time for that dilemma, you will still end your day up with answer! :))

Saturday, 3 July 2010


     Simula pagkabata, dito na ako sa Manila tumira. Dito na ako lumaki at natuto. Maraming mga bagay na nakikita na dapat sa edad ko e inosente pa ako. Mga bagay na natututunan na sa tingin ko hindi pa dapat natatanim sa utak ng isang batang katulad ko.

     Pero ganun talaga dito. Na kahit anong pilit mong paglalayo ng sarili mo sa mga bagay-bagay, hindi ka pa rin makakatakas. Kahit anong gawin mo wala kang ligtas.

     Bata pa lang ako mulat na ang isip ko sa kasalanan ng lipunan. Hindi ko man malimit ginagawa hindi pa rin makakatakas ang mga mata ko sa ganitong bagay. Ilingon mo lang ang sarili mo sa paligid, makikita't makikita mo ang dungis na meron ang mga tao.

     Dahil sa mga bagay na 'to hindi ko rin maialis sa sarili ko ang mga bagay na alam kong makakasira sa sarili ko, sa buhay ko. Alam kong mali pero anong magagawa ko, tao lang ako. 'Talo lang ako' laging rason ng mga taong nagkakamali. Isisi ba sa buhay ang mga kagaguhan natin. E ganun talaga, sorry naman tao lang. :|

     Minsan nga gusto ko na lang lumayo dito sa Manila e. Parang sa mga oras na nandito ako, hindi ko pa rin maititigil ang mga kalokohan ko. Sa mga panahong magstay pa ako dito, baka hindi na kayanin ng katawan ko at bumigay na sa mga kabaliwan ng buhay ko.

     Nung nagbakasyon nga kami sa Laguna, nakilala ko dun yung isang kaibigan ko. At napakabait ng taong 'to. Malayong-malayo sa ugaling meron ako. At inosente sa karamihan ng nalalaman ko. Parang taong malayo sa sibilisasyon. Taong gusto rin kumawala sa kamangmangan kaya nangangarap na makapunta at tumira sa Manila.

     Kabaliktaran naman ng iniisip ko. Mas gugustuhin ko na lang maging inosente at ignorante sa buhay kesa magexplore at malaman ang lahat kung ang kapalit naman nito e sarili kong kabutihan. At mas gugustuhin ko na lang mamatay ng ganun at least heaven ang patutunguhan ko hindi impyerno.

     Meron din akong nakilala na taga-Pangasinan. Unang kita ko pa lang sa taong 'to alam ko mabait 'to kaya naging kaibigan ko na rin. Inosente pa sa kung anong meron sa Maynila. Only then ng malaman kong pati pala siya nahawa na sa sakit ng lugar na 'to. Kawawang bata. Nagpunta lang dito para magtrabaho at makaahon sa hirap pero ngayon may trabaho nga lapitin naman ng demonyo.

     Ano bang meron sa lugar na 'to at halos lahat na ata ng tao malapit sa kasalanan. Pati tuloy ako problemado sa gagawin ko. Pwede bang may bumababa na lang na angel at kunin ako para hindi ko na kelangan mamatay para lang makapunta sa heaven at para matigil na rin tong kahunghangan ko.

      Sana probinsyano na lang ako na nakatira sa bundok o sa isang remote area at halos sinauna ang pamumuhay. Siguro dun, peaceful ang buhay ko. Walang gulo, walang ganito. At wala rin sigurong Anthony Gaupo sa mundo. Doon tignan ko lang ang mga puno, ang langit o kaya ang dagat, ayos na. Naaksaya ko na ang isang araw ng buhay ko. Hindi ko na kelangan magbukas ng laptop at pumunta sa lahat ng sites na alam ko para lang sumaya at maubos ang isang buong araw ko. Hindi ko na kelangang pumunta kung sansan para lang magliwaliw at magpakasaya. Sa mga simpleng bagay, kuntento na ako. Hindi tulad ngayon na ginagawa ko pang kumplikado ang lahat para lang mahanap ang 'satisfaction' sa buhay ko kahit alam kong mali na. :((

    Pwede ba akong ipanganak ulit? Sana totoo na lang ang life after death at sana  sa susunod kong buhay maging probinsyano na lang ako na inosente sa mga maling bagay. At least hindi man ako nasa uso, malayo naman ako sa mga nakakamatay na kasalanan ng mundong 'to. :((