Tuesday, 20 July 2010

'Hapag ng Pag-asa'

     Last June, during the opening of this school year, my Cathwor Professor let us watched a video-documentary named 'Canvass of the Society' inspired by a painting of Joey Velasco shown below. Because of its meaningful thought, I do even posted my insight about that video (title: Canvass of the society ; Tags: poverty, society)

     The point of writing another similar blog over again (although not discussed what's the painting was all about) is because of the bad news I have read in my twitter account (shown below). Joey Velasco has passed away. Shocked but not dismayed for I know it was God's purpose to let him leave the earth and for I know that leaving this sinful world does not and will never rub out his greatest art work as a product of his God-given talent.

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     "Hapag ng Pag-asa" is a painting of 'The Last Supper' but in place of the 12 apostles are the 12 impoverished children of our society. These kids were not an imagination for he had paid for these people to pose for him.

   The Last Supper with the Street Children
Reference: katoliko.org
   In his video, he said that he found himself with this painting. That among his high-paid wonderful paintings, this one was the best, meaningful and PRICELESS! It invokes so much virtues of life yet not everyone has already imprinted to their minds what's this painting all about and what is it for.

     Isn't it obvious that he is calling us to save these people? Or we are just insensitive to these realities of life? Anyway, conscience always knocks. It's up to you to whether bury yourself in guilt or live in heaven with them.

     Every children in this painting has their own story. They may differ on forms of how bitter life was to them but they all have the same ending: hunger, pain, difficulty, and impairment. Some were garbage collector and has taken the risk of being hit by the garbage truck, some were out of school and tended to work for their family and some were malnourished for they haven't fed enough nutrients to their body. (The video below entitled 'Canvass of the Society' tells the story of these children narrated by Joey Velasco)

     I remember during my Filipino subject, we were asked to make a short story of any topic. Then my professor had shown us a sample which entitled 'Sa Hapag Sila ang kasama Niya' (not really sure to the title but somehow it's sounds like that). It is a story of where Jesus prefer to be with in line of this social problem and discrimination. And according to it, those that attend parties, bar and classy gatherings were those that didn't notice the presence of Him because they are busy dealing with themselves alone. While people laying on the streets with no foods at all, if there is maybe came from trash, are where He is.

     And how keen I was to make such story like that because it really speaks the truth. That whenever we satisfy ourselves we tend to set aside our Creator and even thank Him not for the happiness we had. And I guess if I could just write such composition that way, I might perhaps bring the message of the Lord and influence their minds like Joey Velasco had done to me with his painting.

     And I do hope that there's a lot of Joey Velasco in this world to let everyone realize that life is not about us but about Him. And we must live in His purpose and not in our own will and fulfillment. In which our prime purpose is to help others, Or if not, at least don't hurt them!


aira said...

hi, ganda naman po ng pinost nyong blog tnx for sharing

anthony said...

tnx aira. akala ko wala ng bibisita sa blog ko hahaha. tnx a lot! :))

Nanay Ni Matty said...

Although the artist, Joey Velasco has passed away, his desire to help the poor can live on and become a reality through our help. There are many simple ways to do it. For example, those who bought his paintings can get together and hire a printer to make sets of boxed cards that for christmas or blank cards for other ocassions. Profits from the sales can be used to help the needy, perhaps starting with the families of the very children he painted. The cards can be sold at the bookstores, art galleries and even exported to other countries where I'm sure filipinos like myself wouldn't mind buying for a good cause. It can be done with the Lord's tender mercy and grace. And perhaps you Anthony, have taken the first step by raising awareness. I pray that the Lord will lead you and others who care what to do next. And let us know how we can help! We can't reach everyone in need, but we can help one child at a time. V.deDios