Saturday, 27 February 2010

Community Service: Week 1

     I while ago I went to Paco, Manila with my teammates to have our community service for our NSTP class. We were assigned at BRGY. 842 of that district. We arrived late 'coz we have no idea where that place is  and what destination shall we go through. But still, we were able to arrived to that place and started our voluntary service. 

     When we were there, a social worker assisted us to get familiar with the place and the people around us. They guided us to the place where we conducted our tutor session. The place is just like a small alley, it was really tight or a "threadlike" way. Although the setting is like that, we enjoyed our stay there. 

We don't know what to do with the kids. We have a plan but we don't know how will we execute it to that kind of area. But we need to come up with our objective so the assigned facilitator for this day (Calvin, Rob, romeo, Anthony, and Michael) tried to adjust so they can manage the situation. Cha and the other guy (I forgot the name) where the ushers and I was assigned in documentation (so do not look for my pictures haha).

     We started it with, of course, prayer then the undying and the most popular get to know part. There were only 16 students to be tutored ages between 7 and 10. They were nice kids. Hopefully that's till the end and not just by now. All that 3-hour session was just alloted for knowing each one of us. The following weeks are for the real peer-to-peer tutor sessions. 
     Since we are teaching junior students, food should not be out. At around 10:30 am, we distributed the foods. We are also longing for this time 'coz we are all hungry haha. Good thing is that the social worker let us logged out at around 11:00 am although we are required to be there for 3 hours thats 9am to 12 noon  Yeepee!!! 

     First day was the best! Thanks for this moment. I am excited to teach those kids 'coz they are like my nephews. They are all cute. Can't wait. NSTP rocks! I enjoyed it.

Other photos taken:

Name tag making. Wala kaming table so sariling sikap yan!

Name tag distribution. May talent portion yan bago makuha yung name tag then ung name tag ung award like a medal haha
Discussion proper. They are talking about talents and skills just to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. nakuha pa nitong magpost haha.
 Before ata magstart ito. Nagkakagulo pa ang mga bata.

 My team. From left is Michael, Anthony(katukayo), Rob, Calvin and Cha(endorser ng Zesto)


 Break time. Our students while eating.

Nice shot Rob. Patapos na to kaya picture taking na. lol 

Social Workers. The two parents there were our guidance. They are both good and very approachable. Well, we are known for that!

 Prayer after class. We pray before leave this place. Smile!!! shot

 Buhbye. Whatta wonderful day! See ya next week!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Pursuit of Happyness

     Buti na lang wala akong magawa kanina kaya napanood ko itong movie na 'to. Though 2006 film siya, okay lang kasi napakainspiring ng movie. Meant ata talaga na mapanuod ko itong movie na to 'coz napadaan lang naman talaga ako sa venue ng movie and I found the title interesting so I have instantly decided to enter that room and watched the movie. Another thing, I thought nagkamali yung organizer ng event sa spelling ng happiness 'coz it was spelled out as "Happyness". Yun pala ganun talaga ang title.

     Well, this is a story of a man who has been jobless when he sold their family business. Dahil din dun kaya naging bitter sa kanya ang asawa niya na nagcause ng paghihiwalay nila.Their simple lifestyle became difficult that really affect their son. Naging tahimik yung bata. Hindi nakikipagkaibigan. Chris Gardner (portrayed by Will Smith) sent his son to a school where, I think, taught not just academic aspect but also relationship integration.But nothing changed with his son's social life.

     Chris is always hunting jobs wherever and whatever company who he thinks hires. Lagi niya dala-dala yung natitirang machine na dati nilang business. Ayaw niyang mawala sa kanya yun kasi yun na lang ang natitirang alaala niya sa magandang pamilya niya noon. 

     Until he found the Dean Witter Reynolds Company. They are looking for stockbroker. Well, Chris is undeniably intelligent. He could actually solved the Rubik's Cube which was a craze during that time that even employees of Dean Witter was also trying to solved the puzzle. He passed an application form,  was interviewed (the directors where amazed in his answers although he wore not business attire but a construction suit with pints of paints in his body), was hired, and sincerely do his job. He was able to get the attention of the CEO of a company (I forgot the name).

     But, he was also a homeless single dad. They were sent to a place where people who lived there were those that have no homes to lived at. He always run every time sun is setting down because that free condominium can only be occupied by those who came in first.

     Problem after problem. This was the life of Chris Gardner. Lost his wife and the love, wasn't able to paid the rent so was kicked out of it, then jailed for a day. Whoo (sigh). Fortunately, he was a strong man. He was able to win in all of those challenges in his life. His son was his inspiration. After all of his struggles, he was able to stand and walked confidently in his own company.

     This only shows that problems are just challenges that will test our capability to handle these things. Having a lot of problems doesn't mean you are a loser. Facing it bravely considers you a winner. It is not about losing a battle but rather standing up in a losing battle. We should be thankful in having these 'coz these moments will let us realize everything that we are unconscious of about life. These things are actually spices of life that will enable us to see the good side of a controvert part of life. I Remember this line from Chris and really marked in my mind!, "You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it."

My Favorite Lines
I met my father for the first time when I was 28 years old. I made up my mind that when I had children, my children were going to know who their father was. 

It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that? 

The important thing about that freedom train, is it's got to climb mountains. We ALL have to climb mountains, you know. Mountains that go way up high, and mountains that go deep and low. Yes, we know what those mountains are here at Glide. We sing about them.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

National Mock Election

     A while ago, I went to Case Room of Benilde 'coz there will be having a National Mock Election. I went there not exactly to vote but just to have an attendance. We are required to attend that even some, including me,  are not yet registered voters. Good thing is that I learned many things from it. I realize everything and the experience was good. That was my first time to vote ever!

     I thought there will be having a briefing first and whatever things they wanted to do 'coz according to my teacher's email, the event will last for about 3 hours. Unfortunately I have a class that time so what I did is to just cut my class (sayang I missed Psychology!). And one thing more pala, I thought its on the other building   ( AKIC Campus is more than 100 meters away from Taft Campus). So I went at seventh floor and all I saw there were kitchen labs. Imagine, mock election at kitchen labs? Er, so I went back to Taft Campus. Sweating and tired and and... stinky! So I have to spray my perfume to my entire body. Finally I found the exact location.

     Anyways, when I entered the room I saw there folders and ballot boxes. Its like me at the real election. Whoa nice ambiance here ah! I grabbed my voting sheet(?) then sat at the corner of the room. Fill up the form with my name and others then think!

     Ugh! Whose name will I shade here? Who is this? Who is this? There are presidentiables that I didn't know. Why are they wasting their money to run for president or even those who are running for senator and other government position. In the first place, popularity is a big factor to win the minds of the crowd. All one has to do is to prove to people that he is credible and knowledgeable and logical enough about his desired position. I think that's what it takes to get in to it. 

     I voted for Noynoy as the president. Actually I am struggling to whether whom will I vote between Noynoy and Gibo. Gibo has his intellect and intelligence, of course (harvard ba naman!) I think he will be a good leader if he becomes the president of this nation. I really see in his image the sincerity of his words. Perhaps, the future of this country. But why I voted for Noynoy? Well, he, on the other hand, will not let the image of his parents be wasted nor stained. That's why he is forced to do things for the common good. But, though I didn't know him personally, I can see in his face the attitude he has. And that's the best thing to possess. Remember attitude is always beyond anything else. And that characteristic of him made me realized that he is the deserving presidentiable to be elected. 

     My vice-president was Loren Legarda. She was a veteran in this field but not actually forgets to be  considered. I guess she has been a good senator of this country. She didn't do things that could put all of us down (not like others). Well, she is my bet since she announced her vice-presidency, way back six years. She has already proven her capability to manage the country.

     The last part was for the senators. I was shocked when I saw so many names. I think its around 30 candidates. And I didn't even know the others. Who in hell are you? Anyways, I first seek on the names of my bets and they were Miriam Defensor Santiago, who bravely fight for the right though sometimes she is so irritating, Jinggoy Estrada whom I think is deserving for this position, unlike his father, Adel Tamano who has proven himself on his achievements and credibility as a lawyer and his successful administration in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Ralph Recto who has strategically implemented the Value Added Tax for the benefit of all Filipinos (hindi lang ginagamit sa tama ng iba) and Frank Drilon who has proven himself as the Senate President for the last Term (before Manny Villar). The others who I voted were Pia Cayetano, she is a senator then so lets give to her a chance again, Sergio Osmena III and Rufino Biazon who I honestly don't know but because of their names I voted for the both of them,  Satur Ocampo, the representative of Bayan Muna which is an active Party in the country, the most active I guess, Jose de Venecia who bravely imparted the allegation on ZTE-NBN Deal of the Arroyo government.

     I still need two names to vote for. I was thinking twice if I will vote Juan Ponce Enrile and Teofisto Guinggona. It is not because they are not deserving. I know they are but I think they are old enough to still run for senator. Maybe this is the time for them to take their rest and allow younger candidates but deserving to occupy their seats. But unfortunately no  claimant is I think deserving so I have no choice but to vote for them.

     I know that I didn't practiced rightfully my freedom to vote 'coz I really didn't critically observe and analyze whom shall I vote. Well, since this was just my first time, I still can improve my right. And hopefully when the time comes for me to vote, in the real world, I could opt the right person to vote. So  by now, VOTE WISELY!!!


Sunday, 21 February 2010

EDSA Revolution

     February 22, 1986 noong unang ipinakita ng mga Pilipino ang tunay na lakas ng pagkakaisa sa boung mundo  para makamit ang inaasam na kalayaan. Hindi pa ako ipinapanganak noong mga panahong iyon pero sa tuwing ikinukwento sa akin ng mga teachers ko at mga magulang ko, na mga saksi sa tunay na naganap noong mga panahong iyon, laging  tumitindig ang mga balahibo ko. Hindi ko alam kung anong meron sa kwentong iyon basta ang alam ko, nakatatak na ito sa kasaysayan nating mga Pilipino. 

     Panahon iyon ng rehimeng Marcos nang buong lakas na lumaban ang mga Pilipino sa sarili nitong Gobyerno. Matapos ang malupit at abusong paggamit sa kapangyarihan, hindi rin natiis ng mga tao ang maupo't panoorin ang mga demonyong tawa ng mga nakupo sa pwesto. 

     Habang pinag-aaralan namin noon ang mga Pangulo ng Pilipinas sa History subject ko, sa tingin ko si Pangulong Marcos ang terminong may pinakamabilis na progreso. Ilang taon pa lang ang nakakalipas simula ng manungkulan siya sa kanyang pwesto bilang pangulo, marami na siyang naipatayong mga gusali at pinabulaan pa niya ang paggamit ng wikang Filipino sa mga sangay ng gobyerno. Tunay nga siyang magaling pagdating sa kanyang propesyon. Pero ang pagkasilaw sa kapangyarihan ang tuluyang nagpabagsak sa kanya. 

     September 21, 1972 nang ginulat niya ang sambayanang Pilipino dahil sa pagdeklara ng Martial Law. Ito ay ang pagsasailalim ng buong Pilipinas sa kapangyarihan ng Militar mula na rin sa kanyang kamay. Kinamkam niya ang pera ng mga tao at ng Pilipinas para sa kanyang sariili't pamilya. Dahil dito  tuluyan na ngang lumubog ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Nagsimula na rin ang kabundok na utang ng ating Gobyerno sa ibang bansa. Hindi pa natatapos diyan, ipinag-utos rin niya ang pagpatay sa mga politikong kumakalaban sa kanya. Isa na nga rito si Former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino. 

     Ipinahuli, ikinulong, at ipinatapon upang tuluyan na siyang layuan at tigilan ng taong walang takot na inilalahad sa madla ang dungis ng Rehimeng iyon. Siya nga ang bayani ng mga Pilipino. Pero dahil sa tapang na kanyang ipinakita, kalupitan ang kanyang natamo. 

     August 21, 1983, pinatay si Ninoy ng taong hindi pa nakilala magpasahanggang ngayon. Ito na rin ang naging araw ng pagkamulat ng mga Pilipino sa kanilang pagkakatulog. Hudyat ng bagong umaga. Hudyat ng bagong pag-asa.

     Ipinagpatuloy ni Cory Aquino, maybahay ni Ninoy, ang labang naiwan ng kanyang asawa. November 23, 1985 nang inihayag ni Pang. Marcos ang Snap Election, prior from the pressure of US government. Ito ay para mapatunayang nararapat si Marcos na manatili at kontrolin ang Pilipinas. February 7, 1986 nang simulan ang eleksyon. Matapos ang ilang araw na pagbibilang ng boto, inilabas ng COMELEC ang resulta, si Marcos bilang panalo sa eleksyon. Sa kabilang banda, ayon naman sa bilang ng NAMFREL, si Cory ang tunay na nagwagi. Ang eleksyong ito ay punong-puno ng panduruga at manipulasyon kung kaya nagwalk-out ang 29 COMELEC Computer Technicians. Ito ang unang pagkinang ng Peolpe Revolution. 

     Sa kabila ng nakakahiyang eleksyon, idineklara pa rin ng COMELEC at Batasang Pambansa Si Pang. Marcos bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas. Sa Oathtaking naman Ni Pang. Aquino, hinikayat niya ang lahat ng Pilipino na iboycott ang lahat ng media at negosyo ng mga Marcos's cronies. Dahil dito nalugi ang lahat ng mga negosyo ng mga gamay ni Pang. Marcos. Hinikayat din ni Pang. Aquino na magpunta ang lahat sa EDSA para sa binalak na malawakang rally laban sa Gobyernong Marcos.
     Sa hindi inaasahan, nagtungo ang milyun-milyong Pilipino para magkaisa at mapabagsak ang rehimeng ito. Bata man o matanda, mayaman o mahirap, mga pulitiko, mga negosyante at mga kawani ng Simbahan ay nagtungo upang suportahan ang labang ito. 

     Dahil na rin sa pagkakaisa at pagdarasal, nakamit rin nating mga Pilipino ang kalayaan mula sa malupit na kamay ng dating pangulo.

     Masarap balik-balikan ang mga kwento noong araw na iyon. Masarap sariwain sa isip ng mga Pilipino. Masarap alalahanin na minsan sa ating kasaysayan, nagkaisa ang mga Pilipino para sa kapakanan ng buong Pilipinas. Muli pa itong nangyari sa dalawang magkasunod na pangyayari. Pero sana hindi na ito maulit pa. Kung dati'y tiningala tayo sa buong mundo dahil sa tapang na ating ipinakita, sa tingin ko, kung muling mangyayari ito, hindi na papuri ang ating malalasap. Baka kritisismo at mga nakakahiyang salita ang ating marinig.

     Oo nga't sa mga ganitong sitwasyon nakikita ang pagtutulungan ng mga Pilipino pero dapat pa ba nating hintayin ang ganitong pangyayari bago tayo magtulungan? Ngayong nalalapit na ang eleksyon sana iboto natin ang taong tunay na nararapat sa posisyon sa Malakanyang. Sana gamitin natin ng mapanuri at tama ang karapatang ibinigay sa atin para bumoto. Sa isang pagkakamali lamang natin, mababago ang buhay nagbawat Pilipino. Mahirap na ang buhay ngayon. Huwag na nating dagdagan pa. Bagkus kumilos tayo ng nararapat para makamit ang ginahawang ating laging pinapangarap.




Friday, 19 February 2010

Dapat Bang Tularan Si Robinhood?

     Bata pa lang ako naririnig ko na ang istorya ni Robinhood. Sabi nila hindi naman daw masama ang magnakaw kung maganda naman ang intensyon ng taong gumagawa noon. Wala naman daw kasalanan si Robinhood kung ginawa niya iyon sapagkat sabi nila hindi niya kayang makita ang mga taong naghihirap. Kung titignan mo talaga ang sitwasyon, kahit ako taas-noo ko pang sasabihing tama iyon dahil ang pagtulong sa kapwa ang mas nangingibabaw sa aktong iyon kesa sa pagnanakaw. At kung sasabihin ko ito sa bata, baka tularan pa niya si Robinhood.

     Pero sa mura kong edad noon, natanong ko rin kahit minsan sa sarili ko kung tama nga bang talaga si Robinhood? Sabi ng mga magulang ko mali daw ang magnakaw. Pero tama ang tumulong sa kapwa. Kaya gulo ang idinulot sa akin ng kwento ni Robinhood. Pero dahil alam ko namang mali ang magnakaw, hinayaan ko na lang na kwento si Robinhood.

     Ngayon sa paglaki ko, nahanap ko na rin sa wakas ang sagot sa tanong ko noon. Bakit nga ba ngayon ko lang nahanap iyon? Hindi ko alam isang Catholic School lang pala ang sagot dito.

     Well, ayon sa teacher ko ngayon sa isa kong Religion subject, may batayan daw para masabing tama o mali ang gawi ng isang tao. Kung titignan kasi ngayon, marami ang mga krimeng nagaganap na minsan hindi na natin alam kung tama at may hustisya pa bang masasabi kung ang taong nakapatay ay hindi naman talaga intensyong pumatay. Ibig kong sabihin, paano kung mali ang ginawa ng isang tao pero para naman iyon sa kapakanan ng nakararami. Kung baga, sa case ng patayan, hindi naman sinasadyang napatay mo ang isang tao. Dapat ka nga bang parusahan?

     Balik tayo kay Robinhood. Para masabing tama ang ginawa ng isang tao, kailangang mayroong FREEDOM at CONSCIENCE noong naganap ang isang kasalanan. Sa kaso ni Robinhood, mayroon siyang kalayaan noong ginagawa niya iyon. E paano nga ba magiging hindi malaya ang isang akto? Ito ay kapag may mga balakid na tulad ng "Ignorance", "Unbridled Concupiscence", at "Violent Emotions." Sa oras na iyon, wala naman sa nabanggit ang maaaring bumalakid kay Robinhood. Kung kaya malaya siyang nagnanakaw. At dahil diyan lusot si Robinhood sa kasong iyan. Bakit? Simple lang, dahil malaya niyang ginawa ang pagnanakaw. Pero may isa pang batayan para masabing tama ang ginawa niya. Ang ating Konsensya.

     Mayroon bang presence of Conscience sa aktong iyon? Paano nga ba masasabing tama ang konsensya? (Remember, Conscience is not evil but it could be erroneous!) Well, masasabi nating tama ang konsensya kung naaayon ito sa mga nasusulat sa Bibliya at kung sinusunod nito ang mga katuruan ng Simbahan. Sa kaso ni Robinhood, wala at hindi kailanman nabanggit at tinuro ng Bibliya at Simbahan ang pagnanakaw. Dahil diyan hindi niya nakumpleto ang dalawang requirements para masabing tama ang isang akto. Kung gayon, mali si Robinhood. Oo nga't naitanim na sa ating isipan ang kabutihan ni Robinhood pero sa kasamaang-palad ang pagnanakaw ay isa pa ring kasalanan.

     Hindi lang ito para kay Robinhood. Para ito sa lahat. Para maisip natin kung tama ba ang ginawa at gagawin natin. Sana magsilbing aral ito sa lahat. Marami na kasing mga kamalian akong nakikita sa bansang ito. At sa tingin ko ito ang dahilang kung bakit naghihirap tayo. At para mabawasan naman ang mga iyon kahit papaano, magpapaka-pari muna ako. Sana maiaplay ninyo ng MAAYOS sa buhay ninyo ang mga nabanggit ko. Ayaw kong nakikitang mahirap ang Pilipinas kaya kahit sa simpleng paraan alam kong may maitutulong ako para sa bansa ko!!! =))




Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alien Ba Ako o Trespasser???

     Sa tuwing papasok ako sa skul, hindi ko alam kung bakit biglang nag-iiba ung pakiramdam ko. Minsan tinatanong ko sa sarili ko kung tama ba itong dinadaanan ko. Tama bang maglakad ako sa kalsadang 'to? Tama bang itapak ko ang mga paa ko sa lupang ito?

     Alam ko sa sarili kong nasa tamang daan ako pero hindi ko matanggap na ito ang kalsadang dapat kong daanan at ang unibersidad na ito ang aking patutunguha't tutuntungan. Hindi ko alam kung bakit sa tuwing hihinto ang LRT sa Vito Cruz Station, may kakaiba akong nararamdaman. Pakiramdam na hindi ko naman naranasan noong hayskul pa ako. Kaiba sa dati kong buhay. Malayong-malayo. 

     Habang papalapit ako sa gate ng aking paaralan, may pwersang parang gustong pumigil sa mga paa ko na tumuloy pa. Alam kong hindi dapat mangyari yun kaya patuloy akong pumasok sa mundong pakiramdam ko ay hindi naman ako nabibilang. At habang nasa loob ako, hindi ko maiwasang hanapin ung mga kaibigan ko noon. Mga kaibigang kasama ko parati at hindi ako iniiwan. Hindi ko naman masasabing wala akong kaibigan ngayon. Mayroon naman kahit papaano pero wala pa sa kanila ang mga kaibigang kaya kong pagkatiwalaan. Di tulad ng dati, lahat ng klasmeyt ko kaibigan ko at lahat sila ay mapagkakatiwalaan ko.

     Wala ako masyadong kausap. Parating mag-isang naglalakad habang papunta sa susunod na klase. Mag-isa rin akong kumakain. Walang kasama. Wala. Ang hirap ng ganitong buhay. Minsan naiinggit ako sa mga estudyanteng may mga kasama. May kausap. May katawanan. Hindi ko tuloy maiwasang maalala ang mga araw nung hayskul pa ako. Parati kong kasama ang mga kaibigan ko. Sabay sa paglalakad, sa pagkain ng lunch, sa pangtitrip, sa pagkukwentuhan at sa paghalakhak. Minsan naiisip ko na sana hindi na lang natapos yun. Na sana hindi na lang natapos ang hayskul para lagi kaming magkakasama.

      Pero wala na akong magagawa. Nandito na ako. Ito na ang bagong buhay ko. Panaginip man o hindi, nakakulong na ako sa lugar na 'to. Preso. Kelangan ko lang maghintay ng ilang taon bago ako makatakas sa mundong ito.

     Hindi ko naman masasabing pangit ang lugar na ito. Sa totoo lang, isa 'to sa mga unibersidad na talagang hinahangaan ko. Pero iba kasi kung alam mo kung saan ang tama mong pwesto. At sa pagkakataong ito, alam kong hindi ako nararapat dito. Hindi ko naman pinalanong mag-aral dito. At mas lalong hindi ko pinagsisiksikan ang sarili ko. Dumating lang talaga ang pagkakataong kelangan ko ng pumili para sa kapakanan ng pamilya ko. At noong mga panahong iyo'y gulong-gulo pa ang utak ko. At ngayon ito ang epekto.Hindi ako masaya kung nasaan ako ngayon. 

     Alam kong wala sa kanila ang problema. Hindi ko rin naman masasabing na sa akin ang mali. Siguro dahil na rin ito sa frustration ko sa skul at course na gusto ko. Alam kong hindi ko na matutupad ung pangarap ko kaya siguro ganito ako. Pero kelangan kong tanggapin ito para matupad ko ang gusto kong buhay. At alam kong na sa akin ang pagbabagong gusto kong makita. 

     Sana hindi na magtagal pa ang pakiramdam kong 'to. Gusto ko ng bumalik sa dati kong buhay. Sa buhay na kahit mahirap, nananatili pa rin ang saya sa aking kalooban. May totoong ngiti pa rin sa aking mga mukha. At sana dumating ang araw na hindi ko kelangan sagutin ang tanong na laging pumapasok sa aking isipan. Tanong na sa lugar na ito, ano ba ako... Alien o Trespasser?



Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentines Date with Friends @ World Pyromusical Olympics

     Yesterday, me and my friends decided to watch the World Pyromusical Olympics at SM Mall of Asia. We are only five then but it was a very nice experience. We decided to meet at 5pm but as usual, Filipino time, we all met at around 7pm. Super late hahaha. But we are not late in watching the fireworks cuz, then again Filipino time, the event did not start at exactly 7pm. In fact, an hour later when the night was lighted up.
     But before we watched the fireworks, we really didn't want to buy tickets. Only in last minutes when the urge of having a ticket and entering the exact venue came to our minds. Carla, Aleana and Kriszia bought 100-peso tickets ( at ticketnet outlet but unfortunately the event started suddenly so they closed the booth (baka manunuod din sila! haha). In my good fortune (haha), there's a guy beside us selling a 200-peso tickets for Php100.00 only. Not even thinking twice, we hurried to buy the tickets then go to the entrance gate although there are a lot of people blocking the gate. We almost forcibly push the people around us just to present our tickets and enter the seaside (Buwis-buhay tawag ni Aleana makapasok lang hahaha). And we also shouting that we the grand daughter of Mr. Henry Sy was with us (si Aleana haha). Then it was changed to her being a SM scholar. We can't help but laughed and laughed and laughed.

     And yes, we were there! The fireworks we were longing for was right in front of us (drama). I hurriedly bring in my cam then get some shots while recording. While watching the fireworks, there's a feeling of relaxation and calm in me. Oh! Philippines presentation was very very nice. It held the flag of the Philippines up and with honor. The display complements to the choice of song. Its like every minute, audience  are screaming of joy and applause seemed to never fade and even more when the display was about to end. Philippines has a lot of surprises that really amazed its audience. When it was done, I said to myself (and I think everybody did), I am even more proud to be a Filipino.

     We tried to moved even closer to the seaside. We sat at the VIP's chairs (haha kapal ng mukha). We don't know that that place was for Patrons. We just sat there as if those seats were really intended for us. Then we started laughing and all those stuffs. That was really a great night. We bought Zagu (wala pera e) then started our ever-missed story-telling portion. The topic? Of course college life. Aleana and Carla are the jokers and we were the followers. Always second the motion haha! 

The crowd during the national anthem of USA

     After an hour, I think, the presentation of US started. First the National Anthem of them then followed by their well-prepared Pyromusical display. Their presentation was really nice (but not as good as us). Most especially the introduction. On the latter part, it was kinda boring. But they have captured again the eyes of everybody when "The Prayer" played. The song fits to the fireworks as if you are in a religious event. That part was so amazing. It ended with a shot-gun fireworks (pauso? lol).

Medyo malabo kasi manhid kamay ko e!
    After that, we ate at blue wave. We are actually struggling to where we would eat because every restaurant and fast food chain were loaded of so many attendees. We went to jollibee to macdo to KFC to Chowking to Mang Inasal and to Paotsin to Hen Lin and to Rice in a Box at Hypermarket but in the end none of the mentioned we were able to eat. Sa sobrang kagutuman we made trips to whatever things our eyes can see. Sipain ung mga taong nasa unahan namin. Run for our lives in the middle of the street. Pagtripan ung lalaking nag-eemote sa pagkanta. At ang pinakamatindi pagkainteresan ang mga busina ng mga sasakyan. Mga businang mala-utot, businang kumukulot at ang pinakamatindi businang bumibirit (hahaha. I can't hardly speak 'coz of my stomach had been locked of air to breathe.) 
     Before we parted we have decided to attend again the next presentation next Sunday (actually every Sunday). I am really so excited for the next Sunday. After those laughters and funny stuffs, I wish that night didn't end. Or that night was always my night and day!!!

To watch the fireworks presentation of the Philippines, click the link below.


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Malalaos Din Kaya Ang Facebook?

    Malalaos din kaya ang facebook? Kelan kaya to mangyayari? After 5, 10, 15, 20 years? Well, we can't tell. Iba kasi ang impact ang facebook sa tao ngayon. Imagine, according to the facebook population, it is the Third Largest Continent if icoconsider this as a continent. At iba talaga ung pagkakagawa nito, very contemporary, and that really fits to us in the post-modernism era.

    Imagine, ang dami-daming nagpa-farmville para lang magtanim and magharvest. Mabuti ba kung ung mga tinatanim ng tao totoong makakatulong sa ekonomiya ng bansa. And the thing is, hindi naman tayo nagpe-facebook para magtrain to be a farmer. Make sense? Well, ganun ung impact ng facebook sa tao. Kahit pagiging magsasaka gagawin para lang makijoin sa swak na social network ngayon.
    Actually, nabura na niya ang kasikatan ng friendster e. At kita naman sa friendster owner ung eagerness na maibalik ung audience nila wherein pati panggagaya sa mga applications ng facebook meron na sila. But at least they try their best to bring back their followers (yun lang, people are now sticked with facebook, sorry!).

    Pero lahat naman ng bago ay naluluma. At lahat ng naluluma ay napapalitan ng bago. What will be the next social network craze? Lets wait for it. Kelan kaya? Ahm... sa 2012, end of the world na kasi e. lol!

    Pero isa lang ang hindi mababago sa history ng facebook. Ano yun? Simple lang, the owner of Facebook earned a lot of money from its audiences.