Thursday, 25 February 2010

National Mock Election

     A while ago, I went to Case Room of Benilde 'coz there will be having a National Mock Election. I went there not exactly to vote but just to have an attendance. We are required to attend that even some, including me,  are not yet registered voters. Good thing is that I learned many things from it. I realize everything and the experience was good. That was my first time to vote ever!

     I thought there will be having a briefing first and whatever things they wanted to do 'coz according to my teacher's email, the event will last for about 3 hours. Unfortunately I have a class that time so what I did is to just cut my class (sayang I missed Psychology!). And one thing more pala, I thought its on the other building   ( AKIC Campus is more than 100 meters away from Taft Campus). So I went at seventh floor and all I saw there were kitchen labs. Imagine, mock election at kitchen labs? Er, so I went back to Taft Campus. Sweating and tired and and... stinky! So I have to spray my perfume to my entire body. Finally I found the exact location.

     Anyways, when I entered the room I saw there folders and ballot boxes. Its like me at the real election. Whoa nice ambiance here ah! I grabbed my voting sheet(?) then sat at the corner of the room. Fill up the form with my name and others then think!

     Ugh! Whose name will I shade here? Who is this? Who is this? There are presidentiables that I didn't know. Why are they wasting their money to run for president or even those who are running for senator and other government position. In the first place, popularity is a big factor to win the minds of the crowd. All one has to do is to prove to people that he is credible and knowledgeable and logical enough about his desired position. I think that's what it takes to get in to it. 

     I voted for Noynoy as the president. Actually I am struggling to whether whom will I vote between Noynoy and Gibo. Gibo has his intellect and intelligence, of course (harvard ba naman!) I think he will be a good leader if he becomes the president of this nation. I really see in his image the sincerity of his words. Perhaps, the future of this country. But why I voted for Noynoy? Well, he, on the other hand, will not let the image of his parents be wasted nor stained. That's why he is forced to do things for the common good. But, though I didn't know him personally, I can see in his face the attitude he has. And that's the best thing to possess. Remember attitude is always beyond anything else. And that characteristic of him made me realized that he is the deserving presidentiable to be elected. 

     My vice-president was Loren Legarda. She was a veteran in this field but not actually forgets to be  considered. I guess she has been a good senator of this country. She didn't do things that could put all of us down (not like others). Well, she is my bet since she announced her vice-presidency, way back six years. She has already proven her capability to manage the country.

     The last part was for the senators. I was shocked when I saw so many names. I think its around 30 candidates. And I didn't even know the others. Who in hell are you? Anyways, I first seek on the names of my bets and they were Miriam Defensor Santiago, who bravely fight for the right though sometimes she is so irritating, Jinggoy Estrada whom I think is deserving for this position, unlike his father, Adel Tamano who has proven himself on his achievements and credibility as a lawyer and his successful administration in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Ralph Recto who has strategically implemented the Value Added Tax for the benefit of all Filipinos (hindi lang ginagamit sa tama ng iba) and Frank Drilon who has proven himself as the Senate President for the last Term (before Manny Villar). The others who I voted were Pia Cayetano, she is a senator then so lets give to her a chance again, Sergio Osmena III and Rufino Biazon who I honestly don't know but because of their names I voted for the both of them,  Satur Ocampo, the representative of Bayan Muna which is an active Party in the country, the most active I guess, Jose de Venecia who bravely imparted the allegation on ZTE-NBN Deal of the Arroyo government.

     I still need two names to vote for. I was thinking twice if I will vote Juan Ponce Enrile and Teofisto Guinggona. It is not because they are not deserving. I know they are but I think they are old enough to still run for senator. Maybe this is the time for them to take their rest and allow younger candidates but deserving to occupy their seats. But unfortunately no  claimant is I think deserving so I have no choice but to vote for them.

     I know that I didn't practiced rightfully my freedom to vote 'coz I really didn't critically observe and analyze whom shall I vote. Well, since this was just my first time, I still can improve my right. And hopefully when the time comes for me to vote, in the real world, I could opt the right person to vote. So  by now, VOTE WISELY!!!


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