Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hello Philippines, Hello World!

     As we open our televisions to watch the reality show craze Pinoy Big Brother, we often hear Toni Gonzaga spieling this line. But as the famous house in the Philippines temporarily closes its door, can we still utter 'Hello Philippines and Hello world!'?

     Hopefully yes, as the new administration governs the country. With the new president, vice-president, senators, congressmen, cabinet members and others, optimistically the Philippines will situate herself to something in line with the first world countries or even to something  that is far more than us before.

     A while ago was the inauguration of the newly-elected leaders of this country. I have this feeling na parang something will happen. Something good will happen out of it. I mean, that time will be the reference point of all of us to a new Philippines.

     It was like the movie 2012, that after the catastrophy and dreadful tragedies, despite of impossibilities, life still exist and men have survived. And welcome themselves to a world of commencement, a world where everybody will start from scratch.

     I am not condemning the previous administration for this 'scratch'. I know they have done something favorable to us. It's just that it wasn't enough to meet the standards of  how we want this country to become. And, with honesty, somehow blemishes the name we were known ahead of.

     While watching, honestly kinikilabutan ako. Parang nagtataasan yung mga balahibo ko sa katawan. I don't know if this is a sort of overacting, but then parang affected ako sa inauguration na yun. Parang tears were suspended in my eyes. Overwhelm, I guess and thankful na rin siguro.

     Hindi ko makakalimutang sinabi niya sa kanyang speech ang "sa lahat ng mga nagkasala sa akin kaya ko kayong patawarin at ngayon pa lang pinapatawad ko na kayo. Pero ang pagkakasala niyo sa taong bayan, wala akong karapatan limutin ang inyong mga kasalanan!" (paraphrased) Tama nga naman. And I salute him more when he said "There's no reconciliation without justice" I remember former President Cory had said it already. I just don't know where. But then, The legacy his parents had left is a legacy that should have been bear again.

     Hindi ko na iisa-isahin ang speech niya 'coz I have already absorbed it. What I can only say is he gave a heroic and patriotic talk. Speech na pangmasa. Kung kaya everytime he utter promises,  the audience (most of which belonged to class C, D, and E) were shouting, cheering, yelling and screaming. An act that made me feel I belong, all of us belonged.

     Hindi na ako magpofucos to the program proper 'coz I know the program have been very successful. I just want to  thank everybody for coming although I didn't attended that history (but I planned to go to, wala lang akong kasama e hehehe).

     I am hoping that the promises he has given and the pledges to us would assure everybody. And that he guarantees and we are guaranteed for these reforms and amendments. Sana ung cry ng mga tao while listening to his speech are worth. And like  what he's said, 'ang pamahalaan ang inyong tagapagtanggol!'

     With his new supervision (pertaining to PNoy), alam ko hindi niya tayo papabayaan. In hours from now, I could sense a water that will quench our thirst. He will give us power in return  to what we have given to him. Ika nga niya, 'kayo ang aking lakas'.

     Before, I really hate that line (title: label:) But gradually I accepted that he mean what he said. Well I should  have accepted it because he is now the president. But going deeper from that reason is something that will hook you up for a better understanding. Somewhat more reasonable for this consideration.

     Anyway, I am not expecting him to make the state as great and as huge as US or Japan. That is too much. But bringing back the name we was once known at was the immense assignment he could do in his period of governance. The Philippines that was known for being a fast growing economy during the early 60's. The Philippines that was esteemed by the neighboring nations. And the Philippines as a number one country in asia.

     And by that, each of us will be proud to say hello to everybody. Hindi na lang si Toni Gonzaga ang babati sa atin ng kanyang famous opening line at hindi lang natin ito maririnig sa PBB. Because everybody will be capable of saying hello to the world by greeting the new Philippines  first a warm-welcoming hello and hearing it in hearts of everyone. Let's  do it together folks. "Hello Philippines, Hello World!" :))

Galing ni Noel cabangon (?). Pati ako nadala sa kanta niya. And when he asked everybody in the grandstand to raise their right hands, I followed it to and sang his song. Ang galing pa nung message nung song. The best!!! =))

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