Monday, 28 June 2010

Im'ma Vee

     Before I graduated in high school, one of my teachers gave some pieces of advice to me to get along with the college life and a college life that is meaningful.

     One of which was to help others. Well the word help is a vast term. I do not know what specifically she's talking about. And I guess it's a  challenge for me to seek to what's that thing she told before.
     When I get into college I found CSA, Center for Social Action where students can be considered as volunteers. I joined the group. I undergone screening and more. I also have attended several general assemblies and even gave flyers for the victims of a certain typhoon. And thought that this is the 'help' my teacher talked about.

      But then I found time so unwieldy. I mean, from that time, I got a work which I prioritized. Gusto ko kasing makatulong sa parents ko. In that way, hindi na nila problema pag-aaral ko. I will support myself as what I've said when I get that job. So instead of alloting time to my volunteerism views, I focused on my job and on my studies, of course.

     I felt sorry that time. And even thought that I have opted money in exchange to the help somebody was yearning for. Sa pakiramdam ko parang mukha akong pera. Money isn't really valuable to choose in between. But then why did I decide on money? A question that I do not want to answer anymore.

     I was also ashamed to sir yoks and the others. Sometimes I don't want to walk through the corridor along their office. Or even 'deadma' mode whenever I saw one of them. And I felt guilty and envy whenever I receive emails from him saying congratulations and goodlucks to the volunteers. Even without mentioning my name, I want to read those emails as if it was sent to just me. At least I know that he is pointing it out not just to other volunteers but also to me. Kaya from that time, sinabi ko sa sarili kong magiging active na ako next term. And how I wish to be said congrats and goodluck and thank you! :))

     I really wanted to be a volunteer not just by name but by whole heart. Sumali ako dito  hindi dahil sa free shirt or sa pagkain or sa credit na makukuha ko dito. I know some  students are like that (sorry. tamaan peace! :P). But I am different from them. I could work on my part without anything in trade.

     Because of that spirit, I passed my application form, got interviewed and attended the first GA. This is it. This is really it. I don't want last year to happen again. And I have the will to not let it happen over again.

     My volunteerism experiences will nuture me more and will help me to grow. But to make it evident, I should have put myself out as a volunteer by making it as a career and as an obligation as a Filipino for Filipinos. A responsibility indeed that we should take into account. And that is what CSA will teach me. And that is how they'll lend their hands to me and lend my hands to the depriveds.

     By that I'll be free to walk in the corridor without any setbacks. Free to face the world without negative conjectures. And someday I will be proud and not shy to say I'm A Vee! (vee for volunteer) =))

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