Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Thanks to the Nth Times!

     The election has about to end and I could say that it turned out to be a peaceful one. I know most of us prayed for it and I am proud that I am one of those guys. I actually wrote here my wishlist to not human recipient 'cuz I know that they could understand me better than those living souls. Whys is that? I mean, people are just fund of nodding heads and hearing things. They barely listen to what is really important. They promised and suddenly break it up. And I guess that's the  only reason why I wrote my thread that way. I could trust them more than anyone else. Though I know that we all did a great job. Thanks anyway to everyone!!! :))

     Anyway, this is not about the people themselves but about the wishes I have granted. Thanks to all my peeps which has given to us the only kind of election we are longing for. This is so great! This is the first time we used electronic system and the first time to experience again the smooth and peaceful election after so many years.

     Thanks to you Peace 'cuz you didn't take rests in spreading yourself. Maybe not 100% but the fact that the killings, harassments and evilness are far way lesser than before, was an excellent job dude! You neither put us on shame nor in risks. And more importantly, you were not late! I salute you man!

     Hey PCOS, I love you so much! You didn't make and put us in trouble. Although few of you got some glitches, still you did a great job. You work hard and that was evident, I knew it. I guess we'll be using you for the next elections. So be it. You are a miracle brought to us from above. We all thought that we'll be buried in this manual consolidation of votes. HAHA. Thank you so much! Till next time dude.

     C'mon Brain! You proved to us that you are really a great gift from God. You are the most intelligent matter that has ever been created. You chose sensibly and voted wisely. Now, we have great leaders that will show our way to the paradise we are looking for. Take care Brain. We need you everytime. Just take your rest for now 'cuz in the later part,  you will be exhausted. Kidding bro! Thanks a lot!

     Let's make some noise Truth. Victory. Conquest. Success! That was you dude. You are the star of the night. A million thanks to you. Together with PCOS, you brought to us nothing but truth. You fought with the help of human. You got a thousand praises from me 'cuz you show off what we need. Let's party peep!

     Hay! It seems like I am crazy but this is what I feel. It's like me won in a presidential race or got the jackpot number in sweeepstake. Yahooo! I am confident that the Philippines will wake up and stand up from the nightmare she has experienced. We can see now the light coming at the east. And years from now, we could be at the place all of us are dreaming of. :))

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