Thursday, 13 May 2010

When Rejection Does Not Meet Acceptance...

     It is hard to feel the acceptance when you are rejected by your loved ones most especially, and often times, by your family. This was what I reflected when yesterday came in to my life.

     I was shocked by a phone call of a friend saying that yesterday was gonna be our last day with Aldin. He has decided to enter seminary. I know that that was a long run before we could be able to see him again. He is now in the searching process and I am hoping that he has fully offered his life to Him and that he could situate himself while on the process. Well honestly it is hard for me, and for the other friends, to accept that fact. I didn't even expect this. He's undeniably just a typical teenager who only wanted in life is to have fun and enjoy the life he has although he didn't even forget that there's a foster family that still care and worry on his decisions.

     He frequently confronts us when we were still classmates about the tension happening between him and his half-sister. And that happens over and over again, until this very moment. I didn't know who his lifters are when we went separate ways. All I know is that he cares much, respects much and loves much his family.

     He actually wrote a letter to every one of us, his friends and his so-much-loved family. He even withdrew his money from the bank to lend a hand to his nephew who has heart disorder. I didn't see him cries, but I deeply know this guy. He didn't cry when everyone is up, when he is in front of us. But I can see to his face, for the last moment we have that time, that he is happy with his choice. Only, he worries so much with his family.

     I remember he said to me when we and Niño were going to QC, where the brothers were housed, that he has escaped from his home the last night. His family didn’t concur to this very big decision not because they were against the calling but the fact that they are in the midst of a great problem. His new-born nephew got a heart disorder. And this is the time when they need the presence of him.

     There's so much speculation with his decision. And that hurts me. Well, I am not religious. Maybe in the group, I am the exact opposite of him that is why he didn't want to see me 'coz he thought that I might just stop him from doing it so. But I didn't even think that he has come to that extent just because he wanted to get far-off his problems. That is absolutely wrong.

     I remember the time he assured us that he will enter the seminary after he got a work and helped his family. That is why I was shocked by the phone call I got with that message. I thought it was a hoax and they are just trippin on me. But when I asked him about it, he humbly said that material things are not the important reason why we lived here. He might scrap the opportunities he has most especially the full scholarship he got. But that will not help his family a lot. He knew that prayer is the most powerful thing we have and the service he is now offering to God is the very best right choice to decide. He got his calling. He didn't want to snob God so he follow it promptly.

     When we came to his house the night after we leave him at QC to give to his family the letter he has made, we got a short talk with his brother-in-law. I felt guilty during that moment. It is awful to feel that they didn't support our buddy's decision. That is the only thing I guess he needs now. But what hurts a lot was when they are accusing the brothers for influencing him to that decision. I know Aldin opted it alone. The brothers are just there to guide him in making that decision.

     In the right time, I know his family will understand all this. And I am hoping that that moment is very soon. He actually asked us to give the address to his family so that in time the wounds were healed, they could visit him and show to him the support he was asked for.

     And us, his friends, we are just here to support and love him. If he couldn’t find the support he needs for now from his family, we could be their substitute, although I know that this is just a bit of what he really calls for. Good luck Din! After several years, I am proud to call you Brother and years after, Father!

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