Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Am I Really Happy???

I posted last time that I was happy being enrolled in my present school. All the things I thought about the atmosphere of the university including the people were all affirmatives. Till one day, I asked myself. Am I really happy dealing with them???

Last night, I actually asked myself the same question as above. But I don't know what to answer on my own query.. Its hard to say no but I can't lie saying that I do. Maybe, I would not be bothered if happiness conquer my emotions! I cited some instances that sometimes made me feel alone. I travelled back few days before noticing this situation. There were three questions promptly arrived.
-Isn't it because of the family problem I am currently facing off??? Am I too affected with it?
-Isn't it because of my personal problems like falling for someone inevitably? Or
-Is it just because I'm not yet comfortable dealing with my "classmates"?
Its hard to weigh which of these three really made this feeling. But what I know is that these three made contributions to my present self. I'm having hard time with this situation. But it will be resolved, I think! In spite of that, I already have my friends that's Karla, Ferdi, Hervi, and Kim and we actually known as "The Champions". But still I don't know why I'm longing for the happiness I felt when I was high school.
Ahh. . I think I know now the answer!!! Isn't because I misses the life I had when I was high school, Is it? Or isn't, with relation to the first, because I misses my friends, or somehow my true friends, during those times? The laughters we always have to make everyday a memorable day of our friendship!!!

Let me think!!!

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