Friday, 6 November 2009

Review Your Manalog II

Question 1
I was not able to take a shower this morning. Therefore, I will not pass this exam. This fallacy is called weak analogy.
Choose one answer.

Question 2
My classmate who is failing in this subject said that the answer to the previous question in this test is argumentum ad misericordiam. It must be the case then that the fallacy involved in that question is indeed an argumentum ad misericordiam. This is a tu quoque fallacy.
Choose one answer.

Question 3
Either I will not pass this test or I will cheat. I will not pass this test. Therefore, I will cheat. This fallacy involves argumentum ad miserecordiam.
Choose one answer 

Question 4
The teacher should not give in to the request of students to be considerate to their answers in this exam. Once, he gives in, they will ask for additional points, then to pass them altogether. Soon, they will no longer be studying in this subject and will just expect to get a passing grade when course card distribution comes.. This argument involves a fallacy called slippery slope.
Choose one answer.

Question 5
Everyone is engaging in pre-marital sex nowadays, so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't engage in it myself. This fallacy is called argumentum ad populum.
Choose one answer.

Question 6
The teacher said that we should take our time in answering the questions to this exam. Therefore, I should take a break while this test is going on. This fallacy is called petitio principii.
Choose one answer.

Question 7
My closest friends in this school are Ike, Mike and Hazel. They are all part of the Dean's List. Therefore, I am probably the least intelligent in this school. This is an argument involving hasty generalization.
Choose one answer. 

Question 8
Most of my classmates are cheating in the exam. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if I cheat too. This fallacy is called an argumentum ad misericordiam.
Choose one answer.

Question 9
I caught you cheating in the exam earlier. Have you always cheated in exams? This fallacy is called complex question.
Choose one answer.

Question 10
I like chocolates. Therefore, I like all their ingredients individually. This fallacy involves equivocation.
Choose one answer.

Question 11
The individual members of the different DLS-CSB varsity teams are excellent. Therefore, they all make an excellent team. This is a fallacy involving composition.
Choose one answer.

Question 12
People say that you are gay. Well, we haven't seen you on a date and we are not aware whether or not you have a girlfriend. Therefore, you must be gay. This fallacy is called argumentum ad ignorantiam.
Choose one answer. 

Question 13
Students who are smart are also hardworking because every student who is hardworking is smart. The fallacy involved in this passage is called amphiboly.
Choose one answer.

Question 14
I find this exam difficult because I was not able to study very well. Therefore, the teacher should give a less difficult exam next time. This fallacy is called ignoratio elenchi.
Choose one answer.

Question 15
Weak inductive arguments refer to those arguments that were made within seven days. This is a fallacy involving equivocation.
Choose one answer.

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