Friday, 6 November 2009

Review Your Manalog I

Match the item to the corresponding item from the drop down menu.
Argumentum ad misericordiam Correct
The reasoning process expressed by an argument. Correct
An argument in which the conclusion follows only probably from the premises. Correct
A kind of nonargument with an “if…then…” statement Correct
A geometrical argument is an argument based on ______. Correct
Argumentum ad baculum Correct
The plaque on the door says "Faculty Room." It must the case that teachers stay inside that room. Correct
since, because, inasmuch as Correct
A group of statements, one or more of which (the premises) are claimed to provide support for, or reasons to believe, one of the others (the conclusion). Correct
Either you study hard or you will fail this exam. You did not study hard. Therefore, you will fail this exam. Correct
therefore, wherefore, accordingly Correct
It is also known as a proposition Correct
The science that evaluates arguments. Correct
A group of statements that conveys information about some situation or event. Correct
An argument in which the conclusion follows necessarily from the premises. Correct

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